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Re: List your top 5 favorite queue lines


4/1/00 at
3:25:21 PM

> It doesn't have to be a roller coaster
> either. This thought came to me when I was
> at IOA yesterday and was in awe at the line
> for Dr. Doom's FearFall. Totally awesome.

Yes, the DDFF queue is pretty good, especily the movie screen showing those propaganda films. Also liked that Daily Bugle themed queue for Spiderman-have you ever read the headings on the fileing cabinets (they list records on Marvel superheros and supervillians) or those newspapers on the wall? But no attraction at IOA (or any attraction at any other park for that matter) beats that spooky castle themed queue for Dueling Dragons, with its animated stained glass window and skeleton filled catacombs.

Other great queue lines include the New York subway of Kongfrontation, complete with movie posters and graffiti (some of it by park patrons, just look at the dates) , the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror's great looking exterior and interior (it looks and feels just like an old hotel), Alpengiest's quirky ski-resort queue, Countdown to Extintion's walk through a dinosaur museam, and Rock n Rollercoaster's recording studio, complete with band posters, classic rock songs, and of course, that pre-ride show with Aerosmith. -Wendigo