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Re: List your top 5 favorite queue lines


4/1/00 at
3:01:52 PM

> It doesn't have to be a roller coaster
> either. This thought came to me when I was
> at IOA yesterday and was in awe at the line
> for Dr. Doom's FearFall. Totally awesome.

Haven't had as much line queue experience as others, but here goes...

5. The Beast- I was just a kid, but I remember those paw prints painted on the walkway leading to the queue

4. Wildcat (Frontier City)- a history of rollercoasters picture gallery along the queue.

3. Myan Mindbender- the queue is better than the ride

2. Mr. Freeze (SFoT)/Batman the Escape- Im not really a Batman fan, but I love the Batman themeing (and from what I've heard of other's opinions, Im probably the only onethat LIKED Batman Escape)

1. The Right Stuff: Mach 1 Adventure- I haven't been there since they changed it to the dinosaur movie, but loved the hangar theming////tie 1.Haunted Mansion - I get a kick out of those tombstones