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New Year, Same Old News for Conneaut Lake Park

ray_p ray_p Profile

1/17/13 at
9:57:55 AM

Apparently the park owes over $850,000 in back taxes, and if a plan to repay them is not presented soon, the park will face a public auction of its assets later this year.

The World's Most Depressing Amusement Park has faced some big obstacles before and somehow keeps defying the odds, but I have to wonder how much longer they can keep cheating the inevitable. There have been some efforts made the past few years to clean things up a bit and I believe the train was even re-opened at the end of the 2012 season after an extensive repair, but the place still looks horrendous and really needs more than a few volunteers eachs eason getting the place ready.

I wish Conneaut the best, but I am not keeping my fingers crossed this time.

Conneaut Lake owes lots of money

Re: New Year, Same Old News for Conneaut Lake Park by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 1/17/13 11:09:09 AM
The park is never going to have a chance unless the town forgives the past taxes due. It's not someone is going to have a windfall profit if they do either.

If the local government wants the park to remain a part of the area then they need to wipe the slate clean, forget the past and look towards the future.