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Re: List your top 5 favorite queue lines

Eric P.

4/1/00 at
2:47:28 PM

> It doesn't have to be a roller coaster
> either. This thought came to me when I was
> at IOA yesterday and was in awe at the line
> for Dr. Doom's FearFall. Totally awesome.

I don't really have 5, more like 4... but here's some I'd like to mention...

Space mountain at Disney World and seeing the cars going around the track in the dark...

Tower of Terror at MGM

Joker's Revenge at SFFT... I can Understand how nobody goes through it because the ride is bad, but the que is actually pretty cool (a circus house theme)... even the little thing you press to make a siren go off once you get close to the train... It's almost good enough to walk through and take the chicken's walk out...

And then you have the Great White at SWoT... others have talked about the interaction while in que line... well, this one has laser guns that peek into the laser game (unless they've changed it since) in which they cost 25 cents (maybe more) to operate and you can shoot anyone down below... once they shoot a little pad underneath, game over... but its fun and original to think about.

Eric P.