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Rollercoaster Themed Boys Room


12/20/12 at
8:59:41 AM

My 9 yr old son is roller coaster crazy, he has us traveling all over the US to ride roller coasters. We have decided to redecorate and do a rollercoaster theme. I have ordered a 4ftx6ft photo for his wall for Christmas but don't know where to go from there. It is going to be modern steel coasters. Please help with ideas, I can't seem to find anything online.

Re: Rollercoaster Themed Boys Room by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 12/20/12 9:27:09 AM
I'm sorry, but when I first saw the title, I thought "bathroom." I'm terrible, I know..

Can't help, but I'm curious what coaster's picture you ordered. Can you share?


The amusement park rises bold and stark
Kids are huddled on the beach in a mist...
Re: Rollercoaster Themed Boys Room by coastinj coastinj Profile at 12/20/12 1:01:26 PM
Well what I would consider is seeing if parks have an online store and buy patches, magnets, or banner pennants for the walls.
Re: Rollercoaster Themed Boys Room by frontrow frontrow Profile at 12/20/12 9:10:37 PM
We have a rollercoaster room. We have been adding to it every year. I take a ton of photos while at parks. I take photos of my kids on rollercoasters and rollercoasters themselves. Our rollercoaster room consists of photos of our favorite coasters. I have photos in 16x20, 8x10, 5x7, and 4x6. Once our collection of rollercoaster photos grew, I started buying on ride photos, starting in 2009. Of coarse I framed them and added them to the room. By the way it is difficult to find 6x8 pitcture frames, which most on ride photos are. Also I have photos in 4x6 of my kids on rollercoasters. I would guess that we have about 100 photos of different coasters in the room. Other photos, we have a model of The Phoenix train in the room that I built from balsa wood. A local artist has painted some pitctures of our home park, Kennywood. I have purchased several prints of the paintings. We plan to do another coaster train model this winter. This time we are going to build Prowler at Worlds of Fun. We also plan on getting a blanket made from a photo. I just can't decide what photo I want to get turned into blanket. We also have a ceramic carousel in the room also. If my photo bucket account wasn't screwed up I would post photos of our room. We add to the room every year and the kids and I really do enjoy it. We don't buy many souvenirs while attending parks. Adding to a rollercoaster room is our souvenir. Hope this helps.

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Re: Rollercoaster Themed Boys Room by frontrow frontrow Profile at 12/20/12 9:24:13 PM
Sorry. I accidentally double posted.

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Re: Rollercoaster Themed Boys Room by Fatsoccerguy191 Fatsoccerguy191 Profile at 12/25/12 2:34:14 PM
mageeclan4 said:
he has us traveling all over the US to ride roller coasters

Haha, that sounds a lot like what I do to my parents. Anyways, I think if he has decorative roller coaster souvenirs from those little shops at amusements parks they have for certain coasters, that would be good. For his door , he could have a plaque or something that has a fake amusement park name, of his choice, so his room can be themed as an amusement park. You can also have pictures of his favorite roller coasters surrounding the plaque on the door.

In my room, I have my own drawn amusement park on my walls. ( The drawing's are on paper, and I put the pieces together ) he can design his own "amusement park" on his wall if he likes art. If he does not like art, then I suggest he can draw lines for the coaster track, and other lines for the support.

If he's completely not into art, then just glue pic.s' of his fav. coasters on the paper, that's what my friend does.

Like someone mentioned, you can frame the on-ride pictures if he has any, and put them on his dresser, or desk, ect. Have pictures of his fav. pics at amusement parks of him hung up on his wall.

The last idea I got is you can have a plaque with the roller coasters he rode, and he can add on to it each year.'

Have a happy holiday's, and I hope your son gets a present he's happy with! :)

BTW, I also thought this was a post about decorating a bathroom :P.

Re: Rollercoaster Themed Boys Room by Maclan Maclan Profile at 1/4/13 10:19:38 AM
What a great idea! I say design the bed around a roller coaster car, I can help you get the wheels if you want an authentic look!