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Re: Actually Ohio has 42

RobLec RobLec Profile

4/1/00 at
8:30:46 AM

> I live in Ohio (obviously because of the name)
> and I can count 39 or 40 in my head. 14 at
> CP, 12 at PKI, 9 at SFO, 2 at Americana, and
> 1 at Wanydot(I think this is misspelled)
> Lake. I don't know if there is a coaster at
> Coney Island, but I think there is 1 or 2 so
> that would make 39 or 40. Maybe someone else
> knows for sure. swOHman a.k.a. Brian

Actually it's 42, that is counting PKI's Racer as two, and counting those which are not yet open and those at Americanna, which may not open this year. Yes there is one at Old Coney, plus two at Strickers Grove and one at Jeepers in Cleveland. These figures are from the article which appeared in Thursday's Cincinnati Post. This ties Ohio with Texas for number of coasters, and behind #1 California.