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"Fascination" app available for iOS devices

ray_p ray_p Profile

12/7/12 at
11:21:19 AM

I know this isn’t exactly coaster-related, but since there are some Fascination fans here on the forums, I thought I’d share this. A friend of mine at work let me know that there is a Fascination app for the iPhone/iPad. It’s a free download (no In-App Purchases either from what I can tell), and it is pretty basic, but it’s a fun time killer and plays far better than expected.

- Nicely drawn tables that look like the real thing
- Insanely simplistic game play. Just flick the ball and hope for the best
- Neat ringing bell sound effect to start and end each game
- Mildly addictive to try and win tickets
- Tickets redeemable for new ball styles
- No In App Purchases (for now)

- Not much to it (but since it’s free, that is to be expected)
- Placing the ball is a bit touchy
- Not sure who we’re actually playing against. I assume it is computer players, but this isn’t made clear
- Not updated for iPhone5 (letterboxed)

Again, it’s free, so even if you download it and don’t like it, it didn’t cost you anything. Below is a link to an ad for the game for anyone interested.


Re: "Fascination" app available for iOS devices by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 12/7/12 1:18:08 PM
I hope you're happy, Ray. I haven't played Fascination in forever, but now I've got the Human League song of the same name stuck in my head, thanks to your post!

Mike, reliving the 80's....

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Kids are huddled on the beach in a mist...