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Re: SFGAM/PGA Identical Ride List

Steven Wilson

4/1/00 at
3:46:16 AM

> Anyway, as far as I can remember from
> visiting SFGAM and studying PGA maps, the
> two parks currently share these identical
> attractions (although some aren't in the
> same exact locations where they were
> originally installed within their respective
> parks) 1)Sky Trek Tower- Intamin Gyro Tower
> 2)Demon- Arrow/Huss Double Loop/Corkscrew
> 3)Logger's Run- Arrow Log Flume 4)Columbia
> Carousel- Chance Custom Double Deck
> 5)Orbit/Orleans Orbit- Schwarzkopf
> Enterprise those I am sure of, but there
> may be a few others (Triple Play/Huss
> Troika) both parks also have Intamin
> Looping Starships, but they were installed
> under different management in the late
> '80s.) -sparky

The gyro towers are not truly identical. The one at PGA is one hundred feet shorter due to height restrictions. Originally used to seeing the tower at Gurnee, the one at Santa Clara looked oddly short to me. Now I'm more accustomed to seeing the shorter Santa Clara tower and the one at Gurnee now looks unusually tall to me.