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Not a bad idea...

Stredain Stredain Profile

11/20/12 at
7:15:46 PM

... but an interesting question was proposed to me: If you fully lose your sight, does the ride become more a thrill?
What do you guys think?
Always, Stredain

Re: Not a bad idea... by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 11/20/12 7:59:09 PM
What an odd question.

I think it would become less of a thrill. Part of the fun of riding is seeing trees and other surroundings fly by. Then again, the thrill might be heightened not being able to see that upcoming drop, loop, turn, etc. I've experimented with intentionally closing my eyes for the duration of a ride, but those were rides I know like the back of my proverbial hand, so that really doesn't recreate the sensation of total blindness.


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Re: Not a bad idea... by frontrow frontrow Profile at 11/20/12 9:11:42 PM
With all the talk about Hades 360, I was just pondering the same question. For those of you who haven't ridden Hades, the tunnel is total darkness. I tried putting my hand inches from my face, while in the tunnel. I couldn't see it, that is how dark it is in that tunnel. That total darkness really makes the ride more thrilling. I would have to say that total blindness would heighten g forces, in terms of the element of surprise. Like Mike said, some coasters like Boulderdash have a sense of speed due to the close proximity of objects. It would really depend on which coaster you rode in total blindness.
Re: Not a bad idea... by GoYanks34 GoYanks34 Profile at 11/21/12 11:54:18 AM
If you were blind all of your other senses would be heightened so I think the experience would be quite different overall - not just losing the ability to see. With that said, when I was going through my "I can't get a "wee" on anything but launch coasters" phase, I tried keeping my eyes closed on coasters to see if it helped and it did not. It actually worsened the rides, so I think the visual aspect adds to the experience more than we think.

Think about those IMAX coaster videos, while they make me sick, you do get the sensation of going down hills and moving while standing/sitting on a floor so I think that speaks volumes for how important the visual aspect of a coaster is.


Re: Not a bad idea... by antikythera antikythera Profile at 8/12/13 5:27:06 PM
I was reading a post by a guy on one of the ACE forums about how he's blind yet he loves Canada's Wonderland and it got me thinking about this very question as well. I googled the idea and this post came up on page two -- go figure, I'm always led back to this website! :)

Nonetheless, I agree with a bunch of what's said here. I have closed my eyes for the duration of a couple different rides and I've experienced a mixture of nausea, fear, and boredom.

I really think the heightened senses that many blind people possess gives them the power to overcome those same things that I found to be present when riding with my eyes closed.

It's never easy being blind but I respect their ability to still find happiness in the hobby they love and experiencing it in a totally different way many of us will never get to experience.

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Re: Not a bad idea... by Schrecken Schrecken Profile at 8/16/13 2:12:30 PM
On a very few rides it could be down right disastrous - imagine a blind person riding Skyrush for the first time! Or even some woodies that whip you around with lots of laterals - that could cause some neck or back issues if you couldn't prepare and lean into those elements. It seems like even something like I-305 and Maverick (especially if the person was in the height range of the dreaded OTSR bashing on that one) could be uncomfortable or painful if you couldn't see where you were going.

If someone was sighted and rode lots of coasters and then lost their sight, they would probably have a lot less of a problem riding (at least I would think) than someone who was blind before they started riding coasters.

Once in a while I will close my eyes on a ride I've ridden many times before, especially on things that go backwards. I get extremely dizzy (usually not sick since I always wear a motion sickness patch) on most backwards stuff (not much if it's in a straight line, like Intamin impulse coasters) and so I tend to close my eyes.

When we rode Sidewinder at HP I got some serious vertigo on the first ride with my eyes open both ways, so on subsequent rides I closed my eyes on the backwards part and it was much better. I also closed my eyes on an Enterprise I rode on my recent mid-west trip (there is a TR in the works) and it was a much nicer ride than I recall my last ride on an Enterprise. No drunken dizziness upon getting off, and I was able to enjoy the sensations without having to try and look around at everything whizzing by (I could have also looked at my feet, I suppose).

So if you get too dizzy or even sick, closing your eyes on a familiar ride might help.

Re: Not a bad idea... by jackrabbit jackrabbit Profile at 8/16/13 4:22:18 PM
Overall, I'd say the majority of rides would be less thrilling.

Everyday life would be much more thrilling.