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Re: Six Flags 2001 SPECULATIONS


3/31/00 at
11:57:53 PM

Gosh I hope not. Big woodies get severe shakes
> so quickly... I still don't know if PKI knew
> what they were getting into. I just hope it
> works out... You were talking about the
> rumored MM thing... Um... 4 train operation
> would require two seperate braking stations
> as well as a brake run at the end. Besides,
> if people were on a ride that long, it would
> just get sickening. I don't think any roller
> coaster in the world has 4 trains...
> (although Shockwave at SFGAm is set up to
> have 4 trains... Why?) Back in the day
> before the Iron Wolf got the super shudders
> of last season, the 'missing brake run drop'
> gave a tremendous amont of air, without
> throwing you into the harnesses... Not bad
> guesses. If I may venture a real quick
> one... SFGAm will get something big. No
> matter what the rumors were about Raging
> Bull not drawing attendence (the park was
> _much_ busier last year then I can ever
> remember it), it's imact will be taken in
> and their year of "show improval"
> will give them money to spend next year on
> something new and exciting. Then again,
> maybe they'll make me even more happy and
> just remove the god-awful trim brake at the
> top of the Eagle's helix. That would make me
> happier then a new coaster... dan

According to the theme park attendance on Screamscape, SFGAm's attendance increased 7 percent last year to 3.1 million. Because of work, with a very few exceptions, I have to go weekends. Last year almost every time I went it was very busy. As to Raging Bull, for many of my 56 rides I had to wait in line for at least 1 to 1-1/2 hrs. or so. And sometimes you couldn't tell which was the begining of the Raging Bull line or the Viper line. I was hoping for a new ride this year, but the show package sounds pretty good. They haven't had much in the way of "name" entertainment in years.