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Re: Confirmed: Texas Cyclone restored in 2001!


3/31/00 at
11:24:31 PM

> Six Flags AstroWorld has officially anounced
> for next year, the refitting of the Texas
> Cyclone, to the track configuration that
> William Cobb originally designed. The Track
> will be completely rebuilt with the
> assistance of computer-aided machines, and
> the reprofiling will be supervised, get
> this, by Clare Haines Jr., of Great Coasters
> International.

That is what I am afraid of! Mike Boodley better put the same quality airtime as Viper as SFGAm otherwise I'm afraid it will be a tamer ride! :-(

The park's general manager,
> Chuck Hendrix also said that a 105-foot long
> tunnel will be added as well. Since the the
> project will be headed by GCI, AstroWorld
> management has agreed to replace the Morgan
> Coffin Cars with Century Flyer rolling
> stock. other features will include a fresh
> paint job, and a redisigned loading station.
> "When enthusiasts come to the park in
> 2001, they'll probably think that this
> coaster was built just recently",
> stated Hendrix.