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Got my last rides in...

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10/28/12 at
7:51:45 AM

CP 10-26-12 Friday night, rain, not too cold about 50 or so.

It rained the whole time, but good thing CP now runs everything except Dragster in the rain, good job CP!!

By 9pm even with rain ponchos on we were soaked though, and walked back to our room at Hotel Breakers. About 11:30pm, son was asleep and wife was almost asleep. 11:40pm i just had to get out there and tough it out for one more Magnum ride (which was a 5 minutes walk from our room). I got in line at 11:45 park closes at 12. Rode in 2-3 for what it figured would be my last ride of the year on a coaster. Got back to the station, i thought why not, snuck into a seat in which they had the isle chained off so no one could sit there. Worked out great. Sat in that seat for 7 more rain stinging, blind, cold, no hands (over eyes) but perfectly smooth laps. Was gonna stop at 3, then 5, after 8 i got off completely full, happy, done. I could have kept riding, they had a few people in the station Q still, even though it was 12:20am, maybe they were showing appreciation for guests sticking it out i dont know. The whole walk back to the room Magnum was stilling chugging along, not sure when they did close it..

Absolute great ending to 2012 season.

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Re: Got my last rides in... by gvlaker27 gvlaker27 Profile at 10/30/12 11:42:04 PM
Wow, that sounds like an amazing way to end a day of coasting, let alone a season! Now you'll have that good feeling in you all winter long.