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Re: SFGAM/PGA Identical Ride List


3/31/00 at
9:04:03 PM

> Anyway, as far as I can remember from
> visiting SFGAM and studying PGA maps, the
> two parks currently share these identical
> attractions (although some aren't in the
> same exact locations where they were
> originally installed within their respective
> parks) 1)Sky Trek Tower- Intamin Gyro Tower
> 2)Demon- Arrow/Huss Double Loop/Corkscrew
> 3)Logger's Run- Arrow Log Flume 4)Columbia
> Carousel- Chance Custom Double Deck
> 5)Orbit/Orleans Orbit- Schwarzkopf
> Enterprise those I am sure of, but there
> may be a few others (Triple Play/Huss
> Troika) both parks also have Intamin
> Looping Starships, but they were installed
> under different management in the late
> '80s.) -sparky

To add to your list, they both have the Rue Le Dodge bumper cars, the Pictorium, the Triple Play, and the Schwarzkopf Fidler's Fling ride, although PGA painted their's yellow, and took of the rooves on each car.

Also, I have been to both parks, and I have to say with the exception of Batman in Yankee Harbor, SFGAm has kept up with maintaining the Marriott charm that PGA has now lost. PGA is much more tight on land, however. Office buildings run right up agianst the Demon and Grizzly, and houses line the park behind Yankee Harbor and Orleans Palce. Their parking lot is alao not nearly as massive as the Gurnee Great America's. In the early '80's, the silicon valley was just blooming, and companies needed places to build offices, and PGA was sitting on quite a large chunk of land spack dab in the heart of the new silicon valley. There was one company who wanted to actually level the then 6 year-old park for space. Since Santa Clara didn't want to lose the park, they bought the park form Marriott when he decided to sell all of the Great America's and hired KECO to run it. Yet to save money, the city sold all the possible extra expansion room they had. Unlike SFGAm, PGA is left with NO expansion room, and when I say no I mean no. SFGAm was much more fortunate....they even have an extra 135 acres accorss the toll way. And it turns out Great America in Gurnee had even more land bought up in the mid '70's when Marriott bought the land for nothing (the Gurnee Great America used to be a farm or on farm land)but Marriott later realized that he was never going to be using 200 extra acres for an already 100 acre park. And back to my Batman issue, when SFGAm was origianlly putting the in the new B&M inverted, it was to be called Hurricane to fit with the Yankee Harbor theme, but when Time Warner bought Six Flags in '91, they figured what better way to promote the 1992 Batman Returns movie with the new naming their new ride after it. (i.e. Batman:The Ride) So even though the Schwarzkopf Shuttle-Looper Tidal Wave was sopposed to be replaced with new B&M inverted Hurricane, it ended up to be the awkwardly themed Batman. Oh well...still better than the movie themed PGA, which I still tend to like somewhat. I'm at least glad the preserved the Schwarzkopf Shuttle Tidal Wave....oops I mean Greased Lightning. = )