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Mircile Strip park in panama city fl


10/20/12 at
11:41:08 AM

Does anyone remember this awesome seaside park in Florida? The park went a strange direction with the indoor rides in there park. Basic flat rides inside small stucco domes with lighting effects smoke and loud music. I remember riding Dantas inferno. Basically the Trabit flat ride put inside a large stucco vampire head w strobes smoke music and laser lighting effects! This is a cheap and most effective way to keep a park in operation that is going through money trouble. And it changes the whole experience of any Flatride. Rest in peace Starliner Rollercoaster. Miracle Strip Park

Re: Mircile Strip park in panama city fl by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 10/21/12 5:42:48 AM
I've never been to Miracle Strip despite living in FL; That's one park I really wish I would've got a chance to visit. Sounds like it had some pretty interesting flatrides. Six Flags Over Georgia used to have a similar 'enclosed dome' experience with a flat named 'Shake Rattle & Roll' (scrambler). I'm glad that I got the chance to ride Starliner during it's very brief stint at Cypress Gardens (now Legoland FL). It had some very good air on the 'out' stretch; At Cypress, it didn't have the tunnel over the speed bump, I bet that was very fun at MSAP. The last I heard from Starliner is that it's still in storage ready for a buyer.

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Re: Mircile Strip park in panama city fl by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 10/21/12 11:04:59 PM
Here is a dated article about the Starliner that is on this site.

Unfortunately, when I visited Cypress Gardens several years ago the Starliner was closed the evening that I was there. The park gave me a readmit to return, but I never did. All I'm left with is the ticket stock as a souvenir.


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