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Re: Will The Boss?


3/31/00 at
7:15:08 PM

> Hey Anon! I am an employee, so I know these
> things for sure: 1.The Boss will be ready
> for the Employee Spring Premiere Party on 15
> April 2.It will be operating on the 21st
> 3.You are on crack

Um...I don't know where you get your information, Mr. SFSL MERCH. employee. Perhaps you should take a trip out to the park and look at The Boss. It's structure isn't even complete, which means the tracking isn't complete. The coaster has to be finished first, and maybe THAT will be done by the 15th. Then there has to be testing, and the coaster has to get certified by persons outside the park. So, you are poorly mistaken when you say it will be ready for our Spring Premiere Party. The park will most likely open Batman for us, not the Boss, unless they'll let us send you on a special ride. You know, so you can fall off the track since IT'S NOT FINISHED!!!!!! Stop posting such arrogant ignorance. If those words are too big for your fifteen year old mind, that means don't talk about things you truly don't know.

On a personal may have dreams of becoming a ride op. once you're sixteen, but you will never be a ride op. at SFSL. Just because you've ridden Freeze countless times (and I'm sure you'll feel free to let us all know your ride count for Freeze) it doesn't mean jack. Your irresponsible postings here and rrc have sealed your fate at the park.

I apologize to anyone who has read the ignorance of this SFSL employee. He was never told by ANYONE that the Boss would be open. I can promise you that. If you would honestly like to know when the Boss will open, the answer is we don't know. We can guess though. And my guess is that it will be ready, or just about ready when the park goes to full time operation in mid-may. I would not listen to "hey jupiter", on any subject, since he obviously has no regard for the truth and would just like to spread rumors.

Sincerly, a SFSL OPERATIONS employee