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Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 10/5-10/8

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10/12/12 at
6:58:24 PM

I apologize in advance for it being so long.

I arrived in Los Angeles early Thursday morning. I took metro link from Union Station to Santa Clarita. Now Santa Clarita is a beautiful town. It was a very nice atmosphere and was very clean. So my hotel was about 4 miles from the metro link station so I walked. Somebody told me on my Amtrak train out here that taxis are around 20 dollars a mile so I much rather walked. It was a nice walk though. I stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn in Valencia. The hotel was close to Magic Mountain even though it was a 20 minute walk to the front gates. On Thursday I didn’t do much though since Magic Mountain was closed. So I checked in to my hotel then I decided to go take pictures of the hotel and around the area. It was a very nice hotel. The room was clean and so was the hotel. The employees at the hotel were also really nice. I recommend this hotel when going to Magic Mountain. So I was hungry and decided that this was going to be my one really good meal for the weekend. I ate at the Red Lobster across the street. I went back to the hotel and decided to listen to some Avenged Sevenfold while sitting next to the pool. I eventually decided to get in the hot tub where I started talking to a family that was here from San Jose to go to Magic Mountain. They had 2 kids, one was 9 and the other was 3. The kid who was 9 is a coaster enthusiast. He has been tall enough to ride everything at Magic Mountain since he was 5 and has been riding everything ever since. He knows stats for all coasters in the park. He even knew the stats for the coasters at smaller parks like Knoebels and Kennywood. It was so much fun talking to him just because I had so much in common with him. I talked to him and his parents for about an hour until they went back to their room. Then I went back to my room, took a shower, watched some Comedy Central, and then went to bed.

The next morning I woke up at around 7 o’ clock. I decided to eat breakfast at my hotel. It was 10.95 for a buffet. It wasn’t the greatest food but hey it was still unlimited bacon and eggs. I walked over to Magic Mountain at about 8:30 and got there about 9:00. I got talking to another coaster enthusiast at the front gate. I ended up spending my whole day walking around with him. His name was Jerome. He doesn’t use Ultimate Roller Coaster though. He only likes websites that can be connected to Facebook. He said he mainly uses ThemeParkReview. He was a really nice guy but a little bit strange. At one point he even offered to buy me the Haunted maze wrist band but I declined. He helped show me the right way to get around the park and the right rides to get on during the day. So we walked up the hill to X2 first. We had about a 20 minute wait even though I was first in the park. I really enjoyed X2. It was a very unique ride experience and quite fun. It was my second favorite coaster here. We then went further up the hill to Tatsu. Now in My Opinion this is the best Coaster in the park. I rode it twice. My favorite part of the ride is the pretzel loop. The amount of G’s you get right there are unreal. From there we went on to ride Superman Escape From Krypton but it was closed. We then went to Apocalypse. I thought it was pretty boring though really. No airtime and what other reason is there to ride a GCI woodie. Then on to Riddler’s Revenge. I have now got an opinion though on Stand Up coasters that isn’t the greatest. It was better than Mantis at Cedar Point but Green Lantern at Great Adventure I still think was the best. Then it was on to Green Lantern. My cart I was in was so perfectly balanced we never flipped. It hurt so bad while it was whipping me down those hills. I vote that as worst ride I’ve been on. It was just horrible. I was going to wait to ride Lex Luther when I had a Flash Pass but the line was so short we decided to go ahead and go on it. It was a 5 minute wait. We ended up getting in line behind 2 people who had just got back from a coaster trip in China with ThemeParkReview. We ended up riding it with them. You should have heard me freaking out while going up that tower though. It was a good until I we got above Goliath. I started saying crap I can’t believe I did this. While we waiting to ride, Jerome was trying to get me to hold my arms out. See every drop tower I go on I grip the restraints really tight. But when we got to the top he told me to again to hold my arms out. Now we were lucky enough to get Superman to launch at the same time. It shook all right while we up there. I said screw it and held my hands out. Let me just say one of my favorite rides in the park. It was so much fun and so thrilling. Then we went on Goliath. We just kept riding. We rode 5 times in a row. It was fun but at the same time I have been on better Hypers. I Think Nitro kind of made it where it’s impossible for me to find one better. Colossus was running backwards so then we did that. It was a pretty good woodie but it was pretty rough not knowing what was coming. But it was definitely a unique experience. Then we went to ride Scream. Again no lines so we rode it 6 times in a row. After that I had to get off and take a short break by riding the Elevator. I think it was scarier than Lex Luther. Then we went to ride Superman. They were only running one side at this point so it had about a 45 minute wait. But this is what I thought was the third best coaster here. Then we rode Roaring Rapids. Like usual for rapids rides, everyone gets soaked except for me who looked like I never even rode it. But hey it’s smooth. Next we rode Revolution. I heard it wasn’t a good ride but I really enjoyed it. It was very scenic and was a cool coaster. Then came another 3 rides on Tatsu. I personally found that it got better after each ride on it. Just going through the trees while looking straight down is nice. Flying coasters definitely have a good reputation to me. Then we got in another 2 rides on X2. I also thought that this got better with each ride. Except I found it to be more smooth in the back on the inside. I rode it in the front once also but it was pretty rough up there. Then we went on another 2 rides on Superman. And it was now dark out. It was cool at night. Then we went and rode Goldrusher. I also really enjoyed this. I think it was my favorite mine train I’ve been on. I then went back to my hotel and went to eat dinner at Marie Calender’s. It was a pretty good dinner. Then back to the hotel and slept. I never got used to the 2 hours behind it is here from Central time. But overall it was a good day. It was very slow and it seemed to be less people were in the park at night than there were during the day.

On Saturday I ate breakfast at Marie’s. The couple that I met with the 2 kids was going to the park for about half of the day today before the left for home. They offered to give me a ride up to the park so I didn’t have to walk. So I took it. First thing I rode was Tatsu. And I rode it twice. Still keeps getting better. Now Saturday I knew it was going to be busy because it was Resident Evil 6 day. If you preordered it then you got a free ticket to Six Flags. It was at all Six Flags parks. So I figured it was going to be a picture taking day since I had already rode everything the day before. Then I ran into a few older people that were staying at the hotel. They were coaster enthusiasts all right. They were actually going to Great Adventure next weekend for the first time. So Lex Luther had a very short line again so I rode that with them. One of the women got an on-ride video of it. It was funny because one of the people we rode with had never rode a drop tower before and his friends made him ride it. In the video you could actually hear him crying the whole way up to the top. It kind of distracted me from the way up to the top. We then rode Batman twice. But since I have been on basically the exact same ride numerous times it wasn’t anything special. We were going to go on Goliath but it was about an hour and half wait. We went our separate ways then because they were ready to head back to the hotel. I wanted to ride Jet Stream so I did that while there was no wait. I thought it was a better log flume than the one in St. Louis. I headed up towards Ninja since I didn’t get on it on Friday. But it was an hour wait so I went off to try to get on Revolution. That was an hour and half wait so again moved on. Then my Camera died. I decided I was going to try to ride Tatsu again and then head back to the hotel since it was so busy. Tatsu had a two and half hour wait. So again I moved on. I figured hey X2 is on my way out so why not look at the wait. It was 3 hours. So I left. Most of the rest of the day I just sat at the pool listening to music. And watching some tv. Then I went to bed.

On Sunday I walked back over to the park again. I brought my camera with me again hoping to get some good pictures today. About right when I got to the front gate a man who was 25. He came out from Texas to visit his cousin who firstly just got out of jail and also to visit his newborn niece. I walked around Six Flags with them on Sunday. It started out good. The guy had a Discover card so we got into the park 10 minutes early. We were able to get on X2 on the first train. Then we went to Tatsu. Which both still were getting better. Then was Roaring Rapids, Ninja, Superman, Jet Stream, Apocalypse, Gold Rusher, and Riddler. While waiting for riddler my heart started beating real fast. It happens every once in a while and I didn’t think anything of it. It usually it goes away after a couple minutes. So I went ahead and rode it still. But when I got off it I started beating faster. It got to the point where I couldn’t walk. So we sat down. They thought it was because I needed to eat so I bought a corndog and fries. Now that wasn’t it. After I was sitting down eating it started to get worse. My legs started to go numb, my face started to go numb, and my arms started to go numb. They ended up having to help me walk up to the front to first aid. They looked at me and said to just take it easy and I should be fine. By that point I could at least walk again. Now I wasn’t going to ruin their fun by not letting them ride stuff so I waited while they rode goliath, Wonder Woman, and The Flash. By that point I couldn’t take it anymore. I was just going to leave and go back to my hotel. But on the way back to the front gate I felt better. I didn’t know if it was going to stay better or not so we rode Revolution just to be safe. I was fine. They wanted to ride Lex Luther so we went there next. It was about a 45 minute wait today. So I decided t ask the one who was in jail what all of his tattoos meant. So it turns out he used to be in the Mexican Mafia and he the number 13 tattooed on his face. If you don’t know that is how many people he has killed. He went to jail when he was 13 because of it. And he didn’t quit until 2 weeks ago when he had his daughter. The dude with the discover card I found out was high on meth before he came to the park, had killed 2 people and was dishonorably discharged from the Army because he had weed on him at boot camp. After that he told me that he would easily kill someone again to get what he wanted. I stayed with the rest of the day because I was scared what they would do to me if I said I wanted to leave. After that we went on Scream. Even though I wanted to leave them behind I was still having fun with them. After Scream we went to Gold Rusher again, and then Superman again. After that there was an employee who told us he would give us free wristbands for the Fright Fest Mazes. He ended up not being able to get them like he thought he would so we rode Revolution again. This is when the night good. We met a family of 8 on Revolution. We walked around with them the rest of the night. So next we all went to Roaring Rapids. We filled up the whole boat. We went twice on it because we were having fun. Then we went to Viper. Which I didn’t really like either. It just gave me a headache. Then all 11 of us rode apocalypse. Then it was Jet Stream. We split up from there. 5 of us went to X2 while the rest of them went somewhere else. This is where the night got strange. The 5 of us were the dude I met at the beginning of the day with the discover card, a couple who were probably 16 or 17, and a 16 year old girl. The dude with the discover cards name was Willie. So Willie kind of hooked up with the 16 year old girl throughout the night. But after X2 we rode the elevator again and it was dark. Then we rode Superman at night. We met back up with the others at Lex Luther then we rode that. It started to get less scary after each time I rode it but it got more fun. Then I went back to the hotel and went to bed. It ended up being the best day I had while in Los Angeles. I was really happy I didn’t go back to my hotel. And those 2 guys despite the screwed up past, they were actually pretty cool and I got along really well with them. And the whole time I wasn’t feeling well they were making sure they could do whatever they could to make sure I was okay. That really showed me that bad people can change. Willie and I ended up exchanging pho ne numbers.

So on Monday I woke up and paid for the buffet at my hotel again for breakfast. I started walking over to the park when the two women who I talked to on Saturday stopped and offered to give me a ride to the park. I accepted. At the front gate we met 2 friends from Australia here in America on vacation. This was the first theme park with big coasters they had been to. I showed them around today since I had the place mastered by this point. We took Orient Express up the hill to ride Superman first. That was their favorite ride there. Then we went on to Tatsu. There was no line but they only wanted to ride it once. Then we went to X2. There was a 1 hour wait for it but they wanted to ride it so we did. Then it was Revolution. They got hungry so we stopped to eat. Then we went on Goliath 3 times. It kind of made them sick. Then we went on Lex Luther. I had to drag them on this. They were so scared but they loved it. Then we went to Scream. After that they decided to leave because they weren’t feeling well. We parted separate ways. These guys were hilarious though. They were the first Australians I’ve met and they were awesome. They also showed me the weather in the part of Australia they’re from. It was 113 degrees there. They said it’s been like that for about a week now. That’s crazy warm. I got in the single rider line for Lex Luther after that and rode it 2 more times. Then I went and rode Jet Stream. I had really wanted to get a video of this to show my brother how scenic it was. And since my camera is waterproof I figured why not. I put it away before the drop because I was afraid I would drop it though. But then I left. This was my last day in Los Angeles.

Now this was going to be where I stated my opinion on the park but a couple things happened on Tuesday Morning. I woke up and got ready to leave. I started to walk the 4 miles back to the metro link station and less than a mile in a taxi pulls over and offers me a free ride. He took me about a mile when he got call he had to take. He didn’t want me to walk so he dropped me off at a bus stop and gave me a dollar for the bus. That was so nice of him. Then while I was waiting for metro link to pick me up I get a call from Willie. He calls me to say he ran out of money and his mom wouldn’t send him anymore. He told me he was going to use his gun to rob somebody. I told him not to do that and then said I had to go. So hopefully he didn’t rob anybody. I haven’t talked to him since then.

Okay so know my opinion on the park. I give it 5 out of 10. The rides are great and it’ a scenic park. Even though Tatsu was my favorite coaster my favorite ride was Lex Luther. The 400 ft drop is something else. But the park wasn’t very clean. A big thing about parks is how clean bathrooms are. And there’s weren’t clean. There was also trash everywhere. The employees also weren’t very good. You could tell they didn’t want to be there. Most of the coasters they would just stand there talking. No matter how long the line was they would load up the cart and then sit there talking for a good few minutes before they sent it off. On more than one occasion they would be running 2 carts but since they were lazy they would only load one of them. There was a 45 minute wait on Batman once because they were only loading every other cart. I don’t exactly find that good service for a theme park. Another problem I had was the guy who was going to give us the free maze wrist bands worked Tatsu and he took pot brownies out of his pocket and was bragging to us that he gets high while working. That was another thing that wasn’t exactly looking for in a theme park, a high ride worker. Another thing I was confused about was they didn’t make you pay for a locker at every ride. They let you keep your stuff on the station. And Scream was built in a parking lot. The last problem I had with the park was that dude that had been in jail since he was 13 got into the park for free. He just snuck in right past the employees working. They don’t watch the gates very well. Which that isn’t a good thing. Just fixing the cleanliness of the park and getting good employees would change the atmosphere of the park.

And that review of the park is also going to be what I tell the park when I fill out the guest satisfaction survey they email to you. Hopefully that will get them to fix those few problems

I hope you enjoyed my 2 trip reports I wrote. I ended up not going to Knott’s Berry Farm because I didn’t want to walk the 4 miles to metro link unless I had to. But I had a very fun time on my trip and met a lot of cool people. Don’t know what I’m going to do next year for parks yet but in about a month I will be going to boot camp for the Navy I probably won’t be on much for a while. All pictures will be added to my Facebook which the ink is for. They probably be uploaded on October 13. I have pictures of the markers for Full Throttle along with the construction site.

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Re: Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 10/5-10/8 by GoYanks34 GoYanks34 Profile at 10/12/12 9:48:17 PM
Nice TR! SO jealous... That's really the one park I've never been to (tried to go a few times but weather got in the way) and am dying to go. I hope my ridiculously high expectations won't ruin it - sounds like you had a good time but the environment wasn't that great. If the park was clean and had happier employees how would you rate it? How would you compare it to SFGAdv as far as the rides go?

You should have gone to Knotts - you would have loved it. The place is spotless, the employees were some of the best I've encountered at an amusement park and they have some really great rides.

Be careful with who you meet up with, LOL! I've hung out with all types throughout the years and just because someone is a fun person to be around and you get along doesn't mean they're still not criminals or dangerous. Once you're in that lifestyle you can't just leave it. He was trying to swindle you for some cash when he called. Don't answer the phone next time! :-)


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Re: Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 10/5-10/8 by rollercoastersfreak rollercoastersfreak Profile at 10/12/12 10:00:49 PM
Well I had a lot of fun on Nitro and El Toro. I rode those over and over but I also had fun on Tatsu and X2. The thing was though on Tatsu the G forces you get in the pretzel loop are unreal. It's very hard to ride over and over. X2 is very fun to ride but at the same time it hurts your legs. The woodies didn't compare to El Toro and Goliath didn't compare to Nitro. Bizarro was more fun than Scream. It's tough but is probably put Great Adventure as more fun though. But really that's because Nitro, El Toro, and Kingda Ka.

If the park was cleaner and the employees were better than they would have probably got an 8 out of 10.

Yeah that dude texted me a little while after I finished typing that up and asked me to wire him money. I didn't. I lied to him and told him I didn't have enough money to. He got no money out of me. And that 16 year old girl ended up calling the police on him later that night.

Brandon Carlson

Re: Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 10/5-10/8 by frontrow frontrow Profile at 10/13/12 10:30:39 AM
Great TR Brandon. I've never been to Six Flags Magic Mountain, it has been on my most wanted list for a long time. Apparently they'll let anyone in that park. I don't know what's worse, Theme Park Review members or murderers. Lol, just kidding. One time at Canada's Wonderland I met 2 park regulars that kept riding Behemoth with me. The one guy was really cool, but I precieved the other guy to be quite odd. Odd to the the degree that I felt his behavior was unpredictable. I got the Hell away from them as soon as I could. Your report does make me cautious. I usually have a large amount of cash with me, when attenting parks. I have a check cashing card, but I always want to have enough cash in case of an emergency. Criminals like that would spot something like that. I'm sure Six Flags Magic Mountain isn't the only park that criminals visit. If I were you, I would cease all contact with Willie. Anyway, it sounds like you rode a lot. It's interesting that Tatsu was your favorite coasters. I have ridden Titan in Six Flags Over Texas, which is a sister coaster to Goliath. I loved that coaster, it's still in my top 10 steel coaster list. I love GCI woodies. I'm surprised that Apocalypse didn't have good air time. X2 looks very fun and unique. Well, at least you got to go. I'm 36 years old, and I still haven't made to California yet. Thanks for the reports, Brandon.
Re: Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 10/5-10/8 by chitlins73 chitlins73 Profile at 10/13/12 12:01:35 PM
Sorry Brandon but you sound like you are a bit crazy yourself!!!! You mean you were hanging out with people that were murderers????
Re: Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 10/5-10/8 by rollercoastersfreak rollercoastersfreak Profile at 10/15/12 10:02:04 PM
Hey I only talked to them that day so I didnt walnut around by myself. But I haven't talked to him since then. I dont plan on talking to him again.

Brandon Carlson

Re: Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 10/5-10/8 by frontrow frontrow Profile at 10/15/12 10:25:34 PM
rollercoastersfreak said:

Hey I only talked to them that day so I didnt walnut around by myself. But I haven't talked to him since then. I dont plan on talking to him again.

Brandon Carlson

Hey Brandon I understand the situation you were in. In my Canada's Wonderland experience, I tried to ditch those guys sooner than I did. I told them I had to go out to my car and they followed me. I finally gave them the slip when I went to the restroom. Those guys probably stuck to you like glue. That's what those type of people do. They have a plan to prey on nice people. At least you came out of the situation unharmed.

Re: Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 10/5-10/8 by rollercoastersfreak rollercoastersfreak Profile at 10/15/12 10:30:54 PM
They did try to stay near me most of the day. But at the same time when I wasn't feeling well they were doing everything they could to make sure I felt better. The guy on Friday was who I was trying to get away from. He was trying to buy be stuff and give me food from his car he brought with him.

Brandon Carlson