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Re: What are your opinions of Dorney Park?

Posted: 3/31/00 at 5:34:54 PM
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> Exactly what I said...What are your opinions
> of Dorney Park? I personally have to say
> that Dorney is one of the best parks out
> there! I have been to parks all across the
> country and Dorney is still my favorite.
> Sure they don't have all the biggest and
> fastest rides, but they do have tons of
> great rides, and they have a nice variety of
> them too(ranging from old to new). They also
> have one of the best water parks I have ever
> been to. I think their 2000 season is gonna
> be really big, I mean they're getting some
> nice rides. And from what I've heard, this
> year is only a preview of what is to come in
> 2001! Sounds exciting to me! Allentowner

I got engaged in the last car of Steel Force, so Dorney will always be towards the top of my list. I rode Steel Force holding an engagement ring in both hands for the whole ride, waiting to present it to my fiance at the photo spot on the bunny hops. Our first meal as an engaged couple was at Coasters Cafe where my wife proceeded to order a cheeseburger and not be able to eat it because she was in shock. Woo-hoo, more cheeseburger for me!

Dorney looks to have a very bright future ahead of it. I can't wait to get back there!