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Re: NAPHA Survey Questions

Posted: 3/31/00 at 5:10:59 PM
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> Okay, the National Amusement Park Historical
> Association has released the results of its
> 1999 member coaster poll. What I want to
> know is if anyone know how this test was
> conducted? How many people participate in
> the poll and was their a high amount of
> multiple coasters ridden by EACH member?
> The reason I'm questioning this are the
> results: Magnum XL-200 #1 and Raptor #2.
> Granted, these are both excellent
> rollercoasters. Personally I have Magnum #4
> and Raptor at the #9 spot. Even though I
> like both coasters tremendously, I cannot
> see how Magnum is the #1 coaster when I have
> been on two coasters that are clearly better
> without a second thought in regards to
> forces, layout, airtime, you name it. And
> Raptor is excellent as well, but #2 is quite
> high for what an overwhelming number of
> riders agree isn't even the best in its
> class (inverted). Hmmnn --K

I view these polls or survey's with a grain of salt. The results are always based upon the opinions of too many people and most times it is the name and not the coaster. I also feel many times they do an injustice to the park and the coaster. Look at all the hoopla over the last results with them ranking Kennywoods T'Bolt and Steel Phantom high, after the results were turned in people made some bad comments about the park and it's rides. Most of those people many of them younger never even went to the park so they made comments that turned alot of people off. My feeling is "I know what I like and I like what I know" and the that should hold true for everone. By the way KMan are you going to be at for the URC thingy, becase if you are I want to ride a coaster with you so you can experience a Ripples ride, if you dont know what that is ask several of the people who have experienced one, heeheehee! Ripples