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DollyWood Question?


10/5/12 at
1:58:40 PM

I was planning on going to DollyWood next weekend. Was wondering what the crowds are like on Fridays this time of year? Are all the rides operating?

Re: DollyWood Question? by frontrow frontrow Profile at 10/6/12 11:23:25 AM
I actually have tentative plans to be at Dollywood on Friday also. I work on a river boat and live in PA. I'm due off the boat on Thursday. If I get off down south near Cincinnati, then I'll head down to Pigeon Forge and visit Dollywood on Friday. If I get off the boat up north near Pittsburgh, then I won't backtrack south. I'll just go home. I'll post on this thread when I know what's going on, which will probably Wednesday.
Re: DollyWood Question? by theRock-steel theRock-steel Profile at 10/7/12 7:07:38 AM
I too will be going on a Friday this month; later, on the 26th. The website has some of the water rides in the theme park closed but everything else looks like it operates until late December. I did see an 800 number to call if you have questions.