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Re: is it that way now?

Danny Biggerstaff (CoAsTeRDaN)
Posted: 3/31/00 at 4:26:37 PM
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> I have had a season pass every year since
> 1994. SNIP SNIP I dont recommend this Hey
> Danny... Perhaps a dose of your own opinion
> would suit you well?? :-) Being you seem to
> have such a foul opinion of the park. Just
> trying to save you from something that you
> don't like. That's all. Dave

I bought my pass there the first year because it was a rather close park and new to me. I liked the park that year. The next year I assumed it would be the same, it wasnt, it was a little worse. The next year and for the following years to come I got it because it was a rather cheap pass for the other premier parks. This year however I am getting my Six Flags pass from SFoG. I went to SFA on opening day last year and left to go to PKD after it was so bad. I only return to SFA now on the way to or from another park, and only stay a few hours. I like Roar and want to ride it. I can only take so much of that place before I have to leave.


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