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Re: Which should I visit SFA or PKD????

Danny Biggerstaff (CoAsTeRDaN)
Posted: 3/31/00 at 4:22:20 PM
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> I didn't hold back. Neither did most
> everyone And we should listen to the
> opinion of someone who is too childish to
> mention the park by name on his website
> because...?

Childish? Hey, its my web page and I will do with it as I please. I choose not to promote the park in anyway, so I dont put its name on my page. My choice.

This line from your [long since
> having been updated] PaRk cracks me up every
> time I see it- "# 5. Above is Roar it
> is located in a really poor park. I do not
> like to visit the park, but I try not to
> hold that against the coaster itself. It is
> located on the east coast. Roar is the dark
> colored wooden coaster. (Sorry, I don't even
> want to say the parks name)"

Yes, its how I feel. Again, my page. A web page is a place where we can express ourselves.


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