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Clementon Survey

beastmaster beastmaster Profile

10/4/12 at
11:13:55 AM

I get surveys often from GAdv, and I usually do them because A, I like to, and B, it's easy for me to complete since I go so often.

But today, I received and completed a survey from Clementon Park down South Jersey way. It was tougher to fill out, since I've been there only once (around six or seven years ago) I remember little about the park, other than a great-but-too-short woodie, a nice flume on the lake, and a pretty decent, if small, waterpark. But it felt odd trying to answer questions about why I haven't bought a season pass, what the food was like, guest relations, etc. Filling it out gave me the opportunity to win tickets for next season, though, so who knows..maybe I'll make it back THAT way!


The amusement park rises bold and stark
Kids are huddled on the beach in a mist...