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Rode Superman (SFDK), Wondering About Restraints


9/30/12 at
1:36:42 AM

Hi all.

I just rose the new(ish) Superman ride at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom... and was I surprised! Apart from the low capacity and slow line, I loved the ride.

As you may know, Superman uses a lap bar restraint, and it does it comfortably and well to the point where you're hanging 150ft off the ground upside down and only your knees/lap is holding you up. Definitely a first for me.

I was wondering, do you guys think this type of restraint will gain popularity over shoulder restraints? It certainly gives a more thrilling ride, but at what cost? Are there more accidents?

Re: Rode Superman (SFDK), Wondering About Restraints by GoYanks34 GoYanks34 Profile at 9/30/12 11:48:07 AM
They already have with the general public. They had only a lap restraint on Batman and Robin after the OSTRs were removed. Montezooma's revenge at Knotts only has a lap bar as well. I'm sure there are more that I can't think of right now. I looked at the pics of the restraint and they look very similar to those on Skyrush, except being across the pelvis and not uncomfortably across the thigh. I am not aware of any accidents with these restraints any more than those with OSTRs when properly applied. Most accidents are a result of improper security/people who shouldn't be allowed to ride or riders being idiots. Very rarely is it a complete malfunction where the mechanics of the ride/safety mechanisms are to blame with the major coasters at parks. Carnival/Fair rides are a different story.

I think the use of them depends a lot on the G-forces the ride applies. On a loop, it's a positive G (you're pushed into the seat) so as long as there's no chance of the ride stalling in that position (it would roll to the bottom instead of being potentially stuck with riders upside down) I don't think it's an issue.


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Re: Rode Superman (SFDK), Wondering About Restraints by frontrow frontrow Profile at 9/30/12 12:59:11 PM
Sky Rocket at Kennywood has the same, exact restraints, and Full Throttle probably have those restraints also. I really do like those restraints. They are very comfortable and give you that sense of freedom. I think those restraints are very safe. Not only is your pelvis held in, but your ankles are held in also, with those restraints. I do believe future coasters built by Preimer Rides will have these restraints.
Re: Rode Superman (SFDK), Wondering About Restraints by theRock-steel theRock-steel Profile at 9/30/12 10:31:36 PM
There are many companies that have used various types of lap bar
restraints. For me, some of the best coasters do. Mr.Freeze and Sky Rocket
by Premier, Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster by Intamin,
Dare Devil Dive and Pandemonium by Gerstlauer, Mind Bender and Shockwave
by Schwarzkopf, Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit and X-Coaster by Maurer Söhne
all use them and are all better because they do. That last one is interesting;
it hangs 150ft off the ground upside down just like Superman but you take
the inversion at a very slow pace. If you think that you are going to die,
that is the one!!
Re: Rode Superman (SFDK), Wondering About Restraints by JonBorichef at 10/1/12 1:26:26 AM
Thanks for the responses. I definitely agree that they give you a lot more freedom, and they eliminate the head-crashing shoulder restraints cause. And they are quite comfortable, compared to regular lap bars (wooden coasters).