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NYC Announces Plan For World's Largest Ferris Wheel

beastmaster beastmaster Profile

9/28/12 at
12:02:34 PM

They announced the deal...wake me up when it's actually built and running. That's a looong way off, if it ever does become reality. The park in Bayonne that now occupies the site of my first roller coaster would offer spectacular views of the wheel, being directly across the Kill from it. Wonder if they'll allow single riders? :)

*EDIT*..looking more closely, I see it would be on the EAST end of the island...I might still be able to see it from the park in Bayonne, but it wouldn't be directly across the waterway.

Mike (Gallagher, not Bloomberg)

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Re: NYC Announces Plan For World's Largest Ferris Wheel by Cyclone_Phil Cyclone_Phil Profile at 9/28/12 1:26:32 PM
Eh, something has to keep people from the ferries on the Island than to turn back to Manhattan...

Lol, I can see it now. With the height announced, I can imagine somewhere else, they will build a wheel that's even bigger... It all comes down to how long they will get to hold on to that record.