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Coaster Christmas at SDC in 2012


9/26/12 at
11:43:01 PM

I hope this is okay to post here, please remove if its not okay.

I have publicized the ACE Coaster Christmas event here the past, and this year it returns as an even better deal then before at $25 for ACE members.

For 2012, the park is throwing all the stops (and possibly trying to beat Dollywood at its own game), and includes ERT on Wildfire, PowderKeg and Fire in the Hole (weather permitting), VIP seating for two of the park's biggest holiday shows, a behind the scenes tour of Outlaw's Run, Lunch in the afore mentioned coaster's station, plus an additional meal voucher (so total of two meals!), behind the scenes steam train tour and more surprises!

For all those attending the event though, the park is also including admission to the Spring ACE event, which will include ERT on the new Outlaws Run!

I do get asked this alot, is whether the BIG coasters will actually run during ERT. The answer is ... we don't know. I would say based on the past about 50-70% chance of full ride ERT. However, I always believe that ERT is only a small part of the event itself, come and experience ACE's first christmas-time coastering event since 2002!

Because dang it... Fire in the Hole IS a coaster!

if interested check out the flyer here:

ACE Heart of America Coaster Christmas