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Mini Six Flags Over Georgia TR (9/22/12)

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9/24/12 at
3:56:44 AM

I arrived at Six Flags over Georgia about 11:30, wasn't too happy to see the pricey recent 20 dollar parking charge, although my season pass made it easier to swallow. I stayed in the park about four hours, with of course my main focus on the 2011 coaster addition Dare Devil Dive. I was shocked on how PACKED this park was late in the year, SFOG is definitely a major cash cow to the SF brand to say the least.

Dare Devil Dive: I waited in the que for what seemed like a century. DDD had some 'temporary closure hiccups' through my hour and a half wait. They had to take off a train, dispatch it in the coaster barn; Afterwards this SUPER LOUD safety alarm blared, confirming that the coasters are ready to roll. Two of the four station's JBL speakers are in the queue, opposed to near the station loading area, so it's a lil' heart stopping hearing a very loud "WELCOME BACK RIDERS!" directly in your ear. DDD is a very good coaster. The restraints are excellent, no kinda discomfort whatsoever. I rode in the last (third) row. DDD has a nice steep vertical drop, into the two inversions, the dive loop, and immelmann, with the high banked turn in between; Then you hit the MCBR headed into the mist tunnel, leading to my favorite inversion, a very intense heartline roll that fells like it will yank you outta the seat. DDD is a great addition to SFOG.

Acrophobia (ridden before): For some reason, the seats felt uncomfortable, reminiscent to the seats on Mantis. The drop is definitively a teeth clincher. The ride always do a good job playing with the riders' minds over the speaker, with the obligatory 3-2-1-fake countdown, or Ring around the Rosy.

Goliath (ridden before): My Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde Beemer opinions continues. I rode some years back in 06 I believe somewhere in the middle; I thought that it solid, with the great first drop, and some minor smattering of air here and there. Fast forward to 2012 in the back seat; Same great first drop, and every airhill delivering either good floater or ejector air, it was like a totally different coaster! It was very similar to my positive experience on Intimidator.

I rode all of the other major rides before, and I didn't want to get home at an ungodly hour, so I left while it was still daylight. I ate at Dee Jay's Diner hamburgers, which was awful; The fries were good, but the burger (which I basically took one bite outta) tasted like a lunchroom school hamburger, as it had this funny taste that I didn't agree with. It seemed like all of the queues that I saw was ridiculously packed, like GA Cyclone, GA Scorcher, and Mindbender; I can imagine that all of the others were packed too.

Hope that yall enjoyed the TR.

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Re: Mini Six Flags Over Georgia TR (9/22/12) by LoneStar LoneStar Profile at 9/24/12 3:38:57 PM
Glad you enjoyed DID. The only Gerstlauer Euro fighter I have ridden was at Pleasure Pier in Galveston. It didn't blow my socks off, and I'll admit I'm not super pumped about riding others but your tr made me more optimistic.