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The Great Verbolten Poster escapade

Stredain Stredain Profile

9/21/12 at
11:04:48 PM

Hello everyone.. as everyone knows, I have lusted after a Verbolten poster ever since I rode the coaster. I begged, pleaded, prayed, wrote letters to the Marketing division of Busch Gardens Williamsburg (Got a nice reply from the VP of the park over that one!), and even thought about making my own poster.
So.. here comes my wonderful, awesome spouse.. what do they do? Gets us tickets to the Team Member party. One of the items ups for Grabs in an auction? A VERBOLTEN POSTER! Not just any old kind of Verbolten poster, but the LAST ONE PRINTED by the park . Since they are rare, I thought meh, I aint gonna get it. It turns out we beat the last bidder by a mere 30 seconds.. because my son has a bday next month and he loves Verbolten as much as I do.
So, at the end of the auction, I am walking out of the park with this framed rare poster... my grin and hard grip on it says, Anyone who tries to take this thing out of my hand may just get a nice pop in the face over it (haha).
My prayers were answered.. now if I can just steal one of the cars for my backyard.. maybe the nice red one... think they will miss it?
By the way, the president of the Park, Carl Lum, is a really nice guy and loves to hear feedback from the average guest. I got to meet him and he is very personable and loves to hear how a guest feel about his park.

Re: The Great Verbolten Poster escapade by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 9/24/12 10:33:20 AM
Good stuff, I'm glad that you got the poster.
Re: The Great Verbolten Poster escapade by LoneStar LoneStar Profile at 9/25/12 1:02:30 PM
That's a great story.