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Behind the scenes of Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Stredain Stredain Profile

9/21/12 at
10:45:11 PM

Hello everyone.. I just had a very *rare* glimpse of behind the scenes at BGW, and wow.. you guys wouldnt believe what goes on behind the scenes at the park. I was treated to something I am certain was a rare treat... I actually had the chance to wander in the park when it was closed to the general public as an invited party guest of a team member employed at BGW.
It is very eerie to be be in the park with just a small handsfull of people. You literally have the feeling of restless energy, and I happened to wander past Alpengeist, Mach Tower (0r as I call it, the Great eff Up), the Trains in their special barns and Verbolten completely darkened. I also noticed that the non operational hours is when the major work is done, and although they are in the midst of Howl-o-Scream, its amazing to see people still working.
The park has some wonderful secrets: there are parts of the park offlimits to the guest that have some interesting things such as hidden employee entrances tucked in the most discreet and odd places, and my favorite, their own cafeterias scattered and hidden just feet away from the main park and the guests.
It shocked me even more while glimpsing behind the rare sights to notice BGW is a small city unto itself.
I consider myself privileged I had a chance to see behind the scenes and I will cherish that glimpse into a part of Busch Gardens Williamsburg that not everyone sees.