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Western New York Trip Report

Posted: 8/18/12 at 7:37:47 AM
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Wednesday, August 1


This is another small family park up against a lake. It's north of Rochester, NY so that would be Lake Ontario this time. This might be the smallest park that I have been to but it still has four coasters and a waterpark section. This time there is an admission price so you "ride and slide" without a wristband. The park opened at 11:00 with some rides not opening until noon. I planned on splitting the day again with another new park for me, so I had to do what I could early and get back to the later stuff when it was available. Being small, there wasn't that much walking anyway. So finish up, grab a drink and go. I almost forgot, I got a street sign that says "Boys Blvd" to put on my dad's only TV room.

Bobsleds - an old steel coaster with tubular track, single cars, and wooden structure. You went up and down, around and around a little bit. It was kind of rough for a family type ride. It is 60 years old and looks like it needs more
tender loving care. Ride Count - 2

Revolution 360 - another spinning disk on a half-pipe track. I always ride these. They are great and full of airtime (but don't loose your lunch) !
Ride Count - 1

Yo Yo - a swing ride. This sends you up and out more than the typical ones do. It also seemed a little faster, so again don't eat until later. Ride Count - 1

Screamin' Eagle - has seats on the end of a moving arm. You go upside down forward and backward. (They must not sell any food until the end of the day here.) This was the most thrilling of the flats and was not for everybody.
Ride Count - 1

Wirlwind - another coaster with spinning cars by Maurer Söhne. As I have said on another thread, these are all the same but the Pandemonium ones by Gerstlauer are much better. Ride Count - 2

Jack Rabbit - another great small wooden coaster. This and Comet that I talked about above ^ were some very pleasant surprises on this trip. These are longer and taller with more room in the seats than the "Ghoster Coasters" that PTC builds for the kids. Ride Count - 2

Bear Trax - a kiddie one. If you don't have a kid under 48" with you, forget it. I already humiliated myself on this trip, so anything else has to be a "real" ride.



This is a mid-size park near a small town a little way off I-90 just 30 miles from Buffalo, NY. For me it offered only a little more than its 7 coasters. It is more spread out and the lines were longer than in the small parks. It wasn't a bad way to spend five hours, but I can't picture spending more there.

Ride of Steel - the best Intamin hyper that I have had a chance to ride. Actually I am too tall for it. The only reason I got through is the worker at the front was busy with someone else so they didn't notice me. Anyway, the first two hills are a blast and the two helix turns run great. The smaller airtime hills are larger in number and run better on most of the Morgan hypers though. Ride Count - 1

Predator - a rough wooden by Dinn. There is nothing particularly unusual about the layout either. Ride Count - 2

Moto Coaster - only one of a small handful of small launch coasters by Zamperla. This was the most unusual ride of the whole trip; I made sure that I got to this place for that. Because it is not big enough to run more than one train, the line was a little long (20 to 40 minutes). Motorcycle seats make this one for the memory books. Ride Count - 2

Boomerang - one of many many many clones. This was a little rougher than some, but I don't hate them as some coaster fanatics do. Ride Count - 2

Viper - an Arrow custom looper. This was a mide-size one. The batwing element gave a little bit more pain than I am used to with theirs.
Ride Count - 1

Mind Eraser - one of many many Vekoma SLC's. Another one of theirs that I have learned how to ride so it is a little more fun than pain. Ride Count - 2

Hoot N Holler - a small kiddie coaster. We will have to say no again to this one.

Giant Wheel - a Ferris Wheel. These are a must for me as long as I have the time. Being the second tallest one in North America, the view on it was the best. Ride Count - 1

Thunder Rapids - a water flume. This had two "big" drops. The first one, the smaller one, got me more wet; oh boy. Ride Count - 1

Re: Western New York Trip Report by frontrow frontrow Profile at 8/18/12 9:20:01 AM
Another nice TR. I think next year we are going to a northern New York/ Ontario coaster trip. I've been to Canada's Wonderland in 2010 and Darien Lake way back in 2000, so a revisit is long overdue. I keep reading trip reports about Sea Breeze, Martins Fantasy Island, and Marineland. All 3 of those parks get nice reviews. I think it's about time we get up there and see for ourselves. I'm glad Ride of Steel is running well. Last time I was there it was still Six Flags, and the coaster was running great. It's currently my 11th favorite steel coaster. I liked that coaster so much that I kept riding it instead of trying some of their unique flats. Viper was the other coaster I was impressed with, I think I rode 3 times. It's been 12 years, so it has probably gotten a little rough. I'm glad you had a good time and it seems that the crowds were manageable in the New York parks.