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SFDK & CGA questions

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8/14/12 at
4:41:58 PM

Hello fellow fanatics. I am traveling to San Francisco for a Cutco business trip at the end of October, and I was thrilled to learn that both SFDK and CGA will be open that weekend for Halloween events.

I could possibly attend both, but I have a few questions.

First, Both parks are open limited hours - SFDK is 4-10 on Friday, CGA is 10-5:30 Saturday. Would it be worth it to even try either park for only 6 hours in the evening? Are all coasters open during their Halloween events? Is there enough time to ride everything?

What is the Halloween Haunt at CGA? Just haunted houses and stuff with no rides?

Also, if I can only get to one park, which is better? I would assume SFDK is better, but I'm interested to hear yalls opinions.

Thanks for the info.

- Pat-O

Re: SFDK & CGA questions by glutton glutton Profile at 8/14/12 11:26:47 PM
Do you have season passes that will get you into either park? For California's Great America (CGA), the Halloween Haunt stuff is separate admission - the park has the regular stuff open during the day, closes at 5:30, then the Haunt event starts at 7. I haven't attended Haunt, so I'm not entirely sure what they have, but the website does indicate that you can enjoy their "world-class thrill rides" during Haunt. Try posting on their Facebook page or even sending them a direct message on FB to ask for more details; the park is fairly good about answering questions.
For Six Flags Discovery Kingdom(SFDK), part of the "Fright Fest" is just decorations, ghouls and monsters walking around, Halloween themed animal shows, etc., but after dark they add some scarier stuff I believe. But there's usually an upcharge for the haunted houses and mazes. I've never paid to see those.
Are you particularly interested in Haunt or Fright Fest activities, or do you mostly want to go and try some rides? Currently, I'd give SFDK an edge for having more rides that I enjoy than CGA has, if the rides are all in working order. The new Superman ride is fun, though I didn't have to wait more then 20 minutes since I went during exclusive passholder ride time. I love Medusa, and Vertical Velocity (V2) and Roar are also fun. Kong jolts me around too much usually, and I hate Boomerang. I always try to get there when the park opens to get on the rides before it gets too crowded, but the lines aren't usually too bad in October. Lines might get worse after dark. And you also can enjoy some of the animal attractions, though much of that is only during the daytime hours.
At CGA, Flight Deck (previously know as Top Gun) is a great ride, Psycho Mouse is fun, Grizzly is pretty rickety, but I usually still like it, and the stand-up coaster Vortex is ok, as stand-ups go. Demon has gotten to be to painful, so I usually skip it.
These are both essentially my "home" parks, and I've been to both this year, so let me know if you have any more questions. I just don't know a lot of specifics about the Halloween events.

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