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What if......

gvlaker27 gvlaker27 Profile

8/12/12 at
10:42:58 PM

I was scuddling about the internet and I stumbled upon this article, informing us that Cedar Fair sold 465 acres in Cambridge Township, MI (where I live) this past spring!

Apparently in 1975 following the closure of a park on the land, Cedar Fair planned to develop a new park, but the cranky locals turned the proposal down and like the rest of Southern Michigan, we have farm land instead...

I was just thinking, what if they hadn't been turned down? I'd be closing out a world class amusement park 3 miles from home right now!

I'll just keep dreaming.....

Here's the link

Re: What if...... by Geauga_Dog Geauga_Dog Profile at 8/13/12 6:12:44 PM
According the book "Cedar Point - The Queen of American Watering Places" by David Francis it was announced back in June of 1974 that Cedar Point was spending $15 million on a new park in Ostend, Michigan, projected to open in 1976. But there were difficulties which resulted in their acquisition of 760 acres in Battle Creek. The opening of the park was then pushed back to 1978.

Since the plan for the Michigan park fell through that is when they acquired Valleyfair.