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Any Wild Waves/Enchanted Village visitors out there?

Posted: 8/10/12 at 2:14:10 PM
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Hi - I'm headed up to Seattle next week, and as usual I'm going to try to take a few hours from this non-coaster vacation to squeeze in a visit to a nearby park. The Pacific Northwest doesn't offer much, but it looks like the small but spirited Wild Waves (formerly Enchanted Village) is just south of town.

I won't have a whole day, and while it doesn't look like I'd need a ton of time anyway, I was wondering if anyone out there has been to this park, and could offer their thoughts. It looks small, reminds me a lot of Great Escape (at least when I used to go there) with a signature wooden coaster and a few other steel diversions.

I suspect I'll have little trouble hitting all the coasters early in the day, but if anyone knows of anything else worth checking out, I'd love to hear it. It doesn't seem like there's a ton of unique attractions (no log ride, no dark rides, etc.) but it's a pay one price, so I might as well try to get my money's worth. Any reports on Timber Hawk?

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Re: Any Wild Waves/Enchanted Village visitors out there? by lk2500 at 8/14/12 10:41:30 PM
I haven't been in a while but my kids go a few times a year.

You'll probably be a bit disappointed because there's really only 2 coasters and they're pretty tiny. Timber Hawk is probably the best of the two. The Wild Thing is so short they actually let you ride twice in row. There is a small mouse type coaster, Klondike Gold Rusher, the kids say it's pretty painful.

Although not a coaster, they say the Timber Axe is also kind of fun. There is a water ride, Lumberjack Falls - albeit a VERY short water ride.

The water park is so so, a few of the slides are ok.

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Re: Any Wild Waves/Enchanted Village visitors out there? by lk2500 at 9/3/12 6:00:05 PM
Just stopped by to hit the 2 coasters for lack of anything better to do today so I thought I'd give you a mini trip report of this mini amusement park.

The line for The Wild Thing looks deceptively short. It's a tiny ride with one loop and one inversion (small corkscrew?). It's a one car operation and you go through the ride twice. After the first time through you have to stop at the station and have your shoulder restraints re-checked. Turn time is horrendous and not worth it for such a short ride with no real air time. Just rode it once.

The Timber Hawk on the other hand is a nice little woodie with pretty smooth two train operation and a bit of air time. Rode it a couple times, maybe a 10-15 minute wait each time.