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CP/MF 7-30 to 8-3

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8/8/12 at
10:36:29 PM

I splurged bigtime on everything for a great week at CP's Hotel Breakers last week 7-30 thru 8-3. But the thing I left most impressed with was..Millennium Force.
I am 5' 10" and 215 pounds. I do not know what was changed with the ride besides speeding up the lift, but all 4 hills had impressive airtime. Bigtime air, floater air, i was off the seat on every hill, for several seconds. The 2nd hill had a pop of air, followed by floater air into ejector air. Three diff types of air on one hill. I do not remember it being like this, and would make a round guess I've had between 400-500 rides on it since it opened in 2000. Dragster has always been my fav ride at CP and Diamondback fav in Ohio followed by Voyage #1 overall. This trip changed that. MF is my undisputed #1 overall. Powerfull, smooth, fast (FastLane!! lol), and now great airtime. Amazing rides last week. All I can figure to put it on is a couple extra mph off the lift cable,they had to speed it up some. 8-1 wednesday I bought the FastLane for all of us, and I lost count in the high teens for MF. I could not get enough, every time we got off I wanted another ride. Has anybody else noticed this extreme airtime or am i crazy?!?

As for the rest of the trip:
Got there Monday at noon and went into the Resort Gate. Within 5 minutes a bee found its way into my shirt and stung me in the armpit, ouch. 1st ride (after having to talk my boy into it) was Snake River Falls. Got the just before the drop and thats as far as we made it. Sat for an hour before being evacuated and having to climb out of the boat, over the wall, thru the tunnel on the outside side with a shaky handrail and see thru grate floor, down the stairs on the lift hill and into a suit apologizing to us and giving us exit passes for MF, Maverick, and STR. This big aggravation was completely saved by CP handlin the situation by handing out the exit passes, because...
Monday 7-30 CP was as packed as I have seen it this year. The FastLane line for MF was posted at 1 hour. The FL line for Maverick was all the way into the smoking section (thats an incredibley long way for those who dont know). So, with the exit passes we skipped about 5 hours of lines for our being stuck for 1 hour, great job CP - THANKS!!

All Wheels Extreme left me pretty pumped up, dont miss this one. We saw it 3 times, and stuck around to talk to the crew. They are really nice and will gladly talk after the show.

My son fed the seagals on the beach again, i think he had about 100 surrounding him at one point.

The mat racer was a surprise, pretty cool ride. I would have to give my son a push to get him started, but then coming out of the tunnel i would see him the pass him. Pretty fun!

Hot, hot week. Spent so much time in Soak City that the bottom of my big toes started bleeding. Anyone ever have that happen?

Great week, good times, lasting memories.

We were in the last room on the left in the old Bon Air section (the circlr shaped rooms. If anyone saw the big Minion dancing in the window, that was us...

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Re: CP/MF 7-30 to 8-3 by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 8/9/12 5:54:31 AM
"All Wheels Extreme left me pretty pumped up, dont miss this one. "

That's the group that was on America's Got Talent's first live show this season. They WERE pretty damn good. My favorite act of that particular grouping. I avoid shows of that ilk like the plague, but the live shows are being aired from the theater where I work, so I've been sorta following it and took my friend Gina to one of the tapings (she's a big Howard Stern fan, what can I say?)

"My son fed the seagals"

What, Steven can't afford to feed his family anymore? How the mighty have fallen.


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