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TR: Six Flags Magic Mountain 7/30/12 & 8/1/12 (long)

Overbanked Overbanked Profile

8/7/12 at
1:36:07 AM

I arrived in Valencia, CA on the 7/29/12 about 7:00-8:00ish PM PST. I arranged for three nights at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Valencia, right next to the park. I've ridden almost all of SFMM's coasters on 7/30/12 without buying a flash pass. I finished up the reminder what I could on 8/1/12, which was Superman: Escape to Krypton (Left), Batman: The Ride, and an additional ride on X2.I went to Knott's Berry Farm 7/31/12. I obviously used to season pass that I bought from SFFT, which costed $63.78 including tax, what a deal! Walking up Samurai Summit sucks, oh man it's steep! I love walking down hill; I actually run downhill without using virtually no energy, but I digress. On the the rides.

Ninja: I'm not one of these easily annoyed type of guys, but it got a lil' annoying hearing the ride op say Hiyah! HIYAAAH!!! everytime the train leaves the station. The ride was good. Not too wild, swingin' in the woods, and over some water action. It had me reminiscing about Big Bad Wolf a lil', definitely no where near as forceful. Sadly the final lift hill to the station was very anticlimactic.

Viper: About as smooth as a tall Arrow looper is gonna get. I compare the smoothness maybe just only a tad rougher than D-Wood's Tenn Tornado, which is a compliment, but only this time you actually get a full ride. The transitions seemed surprisingly smooth for a big Arrow looper. With very minimal head banging. I noticed the trim brakes throughout the course which help the pacing from getting too rough. I rode in the back area of the train. To me, it's one of the better Arrow loopers, nice curving drop, and an old school plethora of inversions. Not a fan of that queue entrance, with three lines (front, middle, and back sections of the train). You don't know what part of the train you're going to until read the signs after making a U turn thru the queue.

Batman the Ride: Hey, it's a Batman, what do ya want? I rode this on the 8/1/12. I rode in the third row, it was less forceful the the back.

Goliath : My first Giovanola hyper. I somewhere in the middle. Awesome first drop through the pinhole tunnel. After the turnaround, I caught some nice air on the airhill. The 'helix from hell' wasn't bad to me, I actually enjoyed it; Although I can only imagine how it was before the brakes before it. Not a ten top coaster for me, but it's solid.

Scream: Pretty unassuming queue entrance, esp at night when I rode it, as I kinda stumbled upon it. It's a mirror imaged Medusa, what do ya what? :) The zero-G roll seemed a lil' bit more weak that the Bizarro at SFGAvd.

Riddler's Revenge: I caught alot of night coasters just before the park closed when the lines were waned down to just a few; Riddlers's Revenge, Scream, Apocalypse, and Colossus (Left). Awesome stand up coaster! This coaster just buries all of the other stand-ups that I been on. I even felt a tad of air on this baby. Record braking height, no discomfort, and inversions galore.

Apocalypse: I got two consecutive night rides (near the back) on this baby because of the waning lines with no one at the gate in front of my seats. Awesome woodie! At first had doubts whether they could pull of the 'woodie/post-apocalyptic' theme; They pulled it off! This coaster is made for the night with the awesome truck explosion. it has some decent air, nothing over the top by no means; This coaster is all about the effects, two awesome steel tunnels, and a great station fly by. I kinda describe it as Renegade with bells and whistles, I love it.

Tatsu: Similar like the Ninja's chant (hiyah) the ride ops had a thing going when the train leaves out, they say TatSOOOOO! I actually liked that. It's has a pretty moderate sweeping first drop, and the all I remember with a couple of lofty twisting inversions (esp with that terrain, it makes you very high in the clouds), whether it be a zero-G, corkscrew, or twist, then the third inversion is this awesome gargantuan pretzel loop that will have you seemingly scrapping the ground, then another high twisting inversion, then the station run seems so high, it's kinda looks like a MCBR with smaller inversions following. As for the Manta comparisons, I dunno I'll say a controversial draw, I like Manta's intimate feeling sweeping low towards the ground, with the watersplash, waterfalls and other near misses; Tatsu on the other hand is contrasting with virtually no near misses, because it so uniquely tall, BUT it has that second to none pretzel loop. :)

Revolution: Looking from the surrounding areas, Revolution give off a nice mysterious vibe as it was nearly almost all shrouded in the woods. I liked how the loop kinda left in anticipation, as it came after the second or third hill, and the curved tunnel was cool. I understand the history with this coaster, and I was rooting for an ultimate classic masterpiece, with that being said I thought that it was just okay. It was a lil' head bangy, and it had too many brakes throughout the course.

Goldrusher: To me this mine train (oldest coaster at SFMM) was the classic gem of the park. I can't think of a better terrain mine train. The lil' tunnel on the top of the lift underneath Supermans crystal lair (or whatever it's called) only two lift hills, and nice helix, it was shrouded by the trees, nice mine train. I saw how it looked on youtube with the log flume, which added to the experience as you went underneath the flume; Of course now the flume is gone with a large plot of dirt, to make way for Full Throttle or whatever.

Green Lantern: First Flight: Intamin ZacSpin. I rode this in the day, although at night, that neon Green lantern symbol in the middle of the coaster looked very impressive. It kinda had a flatride fell to it. The first couple of drops from the top working towards the bottom were pretty mild, a lil' haphazard flipping here and there, then you get to with I call 'wedgie hill' the last hill before the station that isn't friendly to males, I'll leave it at that. I thought that it was just okay.

Superman: Escape from Krypton: It was so funny watching people cover their ears while walking nearby the course LOL. It literally sounds like a fighter jet low fly by. I've ridden both sides, and yes i'm counting them too LOL. It's just like what you would expect, the backwards launch, you blink one time, next thing you know, you are on the top of the world looking down and the earth below, a coupla seconds, then time to descend back to the station. It's a nice quick adrenaline rush.

Colossus: I rode the left side, the right side was down, so I could'nt get an extra cre-ho credit off of that one LOL. I enjoyed it. It seem Colossus kinda catches a little flak, it had nice deep drops, some with pretty good air, and some of the WIDEST flat turns that you will ever see; So wide the they don't even have any lateral-G's on them.

X2: Of course I ridden this one first in the park. I have to break this down on the two days that I've ridden it.
X2 on 7/30/12: I rode somewhere in the middle on the outside seat. The chest restraint felt like an iron maiden or something, as it felt almost breathing restrictive and I'm no super big guy by no means; It felt better as the train rolled outta the station. The first drop facing the ground was awesome, but the inversions felt pretty rough. For some reason, my legs kept hitting guard throughout the course. I even had a hard time getting out of the restraints, the op said something, about my chin, she, eventually got me out. I was like is this the main coaster I came from Florida to ride? So I obviously had to ride it again to see if it was just a fluke.
X2 on 8/1/12: I rode towards the rear on the inside seat. To make a long story short, the stars were all aligned; The coaster felt very smooth, no leg bumping on the guard, nothing like that. I enjoyed it immensely more than I did them two days ago. The X2 on 8/1/12 is in my top ten, and that other X is not in my top 40, so I'm gonna judge it by the good X2 versus the bad X2. :)

The drop ride Lex Luther: Drop of Doom was open on the 30th of July, but I didn't ride it; Went to Knott's on the 31st, came back the SFMM on the 1st, and Lex Luthor was down, man that sucked, oh well. So on the 8/1/12 I went back WAY east after rides on Batman, Superman, and the important reride on X2. The whole trip milage From Jax, to Gulf Shores, to SFFT, to SFMM, to Knott's back to SFMM then all the way back to Jax is over 5044 miles (not including a couple of missed turns here and there) :) My key to driving so far is, you got to get very comfortable (I'm talking white T-shirt, and drawstring cotton shirts comfortable) have alot of good music, lots of energy drinks (Starbucks energy can drinks are good), and set the GPS and forget it. With that being said, I'n not making any multiple time zone trips anytime soon. :) I'll do Knotts later on today.

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Re: TR: Six Flags Magic Mountain 7/30/12 & 8/1/12 (long) by MABrider MABrider Profile at 8/7/12 8:11:38 AM
Re the two different X2 experiences:
I've been to SFMM only once (a March 2011 Tuesday) with walkon conditions at X2.
My daughter and I quickly determined that the inside seats provide the better riding experience. They are simple not as "jouncy" so you can better appreciate all of the elements during the ride.

Mike B.

Mike B.
Re: TR: Six Flags Magic Mountain 7/30/12 & 8/1/12 (long) by frontrow frontrow Profile at 8/7/12 4:02:44 PM
Great TR Overbanked. After your last TR, I added up the miles from Jacksonville to LA and knew it was over 5,000 round trip. From where I live to LA is about the same distance. After reading your TR, I'm now motivated to make that drive in the next few years. It's a trip that I would really have to save up for. I would also want at least 2 days at SFMM and one day at Knotts. I would also do Belmont and Sea World another day. Can't wait to read your Knotts Berry Farm TR.
Re: TR: Six Flags Magic Mountain 7/30/12 & 8/1/12 (long) by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 8/8/12 12:48:18 AM
MABrider said:

Re the two different X2 experiences:
I've been to SFMM only once (a March 2011 Tuesday) with walkon conditions at X2.
My daughter and I quickly determined that the inside seats provide the better riding experience. They are simple not as "jouncy" so you can better appreciate all of the elements during the ride.

Mike B.

Exactly. It was like night and day.