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TR: Six Flags Fiesta Texas 7/28/12

Overbanked Overbanked Profile

8/5/12 at
10:01:43 PM

I arrived in San Antonio at some ungodly time in the morning, about 1:30 AM. I slept at a Super 8 that was about 30 or so miles away from the park. I arrived at the park at 1:24 PM with a 2 or 3 hour delay because I was caught up in a bad highway construction traffic jam; Some pats of the highways where completely blocked off causing bottleneck detours. On to the rides.

The Rattler: I'll just go on and get it outta the way since it was my first coaster in the park, esp with it being close to the season pass building. The packed was loaded with peeps all day, as everyone where getting their final rides in. I saw a sign over the queue entrance reading 'Rattler Countdown 9 Days'. The queue area was laden with alot of twitter or facebook logins. Looking at the Rattler from the station loading area, it looks quite impressive, with the tunnel coming out of the cliff face, and the super-swaying left turn the gives more than any coaster structure that I ever saw. I was really rooting for this one, with that being said, I thought that it was just okay on it's best day. It was pretty rough too. I rode it once in the back. The second curved drop seemed the best, before the hauling a__ up to the meandering triple helix, which was pretty blah. Then the drop into the tunnel was cool. A couple of turns here and there, and that was it. Don't get me wrong, I'm very glad to have experienced it, but it's definitely won't stuff anywhere near my top ten woodies.

Road Runner Express: A nice mine train that's right next to Rattler (or course soon it will be lonely) It even had a moment of air on it. It almost seemed like it didn't even need that second short lift hill, because the train was hauling butt up it.

Goliath: It's Batman the Ride, need I say more? I rode it in the back because I remembered what ShaftSTL AKA Mike said they are better in the back, and the recommendation was spot on, as it was very forceful esp through the corkscrews.

Poltergeist: This actaully was the last coaster that I rode at SFFT. It took me a lil' while to find the queue; Maybe I was thinking dumb, because of course the spaghetti bowl area is no where near the launch area LOL. I had the ask the ferris wheel op where it was at. At the time, I ridden both the enclosed FOF's, but never ridden the outdoor spaghetti bowl. It was awesome, I like both the same enclosed, or outdoor. The last corkscrew still comes outta nowhere. Looking at it off-ride, man that train was hauling a__ through those inversions.

Superman Kypton Coaster:This coaster was at maxmium queue capacity. For some reason while loading on the coaster, my calf tighten up pretty painfully, to the point when I'm second guessing ride it, but I was undeterred, and I manned up and rode it. It was awesome! I saw a nearby Neiman Marcus from the lift hill, how pimpin is that! :) First drop was nice, the second drop outta the ingenius cliff helix was awesome, and that zero-G roll was the most air I've ever felt on one. For it to be a looper, it was loaded with good airtime. It made my top ten. A looper isn't gonna get to much more better than this.

I skipped Pandemonium, because of that awkward face to face seating, Sky Screamer (ridden a Star Flyer before), The Scream drop Tower complex, and Boomerang Coast to Coaster, which I actually kinda wanted to ride, since I made the drive coast to coast LOL; It was having issues later on in the day, so I was like oh well, just a Boomerang.

Do anyone notice all of these 'got2b' hair glue billboards at Six Flags parks? Man they are really pimpin that stuff; Ironically the company's name is Schwarzkopf, talk about a legendary name in the coaster realm. I'll do the Cali TR's SFMM, and KBF tommorrow.

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Re: TR: Six Flags Fiesta Texas 7/28/12 by frontrow frontrow Profile at 8/6/12 10:06:04 AM
Nice TR Overbanked. I'm glad to hear that you had a good day at that park. I too was really impressed with Poltergeist. My favorite coaster at SFFT is Superman. Those first 2 drops and the zero g roll are incredible. The rest of the ride is good, but that first part is awesome. When I visited SFFT, Goliath wasn't installed yet. There was an Arrow looper called The Jokers Revenge. The only cool thing about that coaster is that they ran the train backwards. I wonder if Goliath was built where Jokers Revenge used to be. The day I visited SFFT, I rode a lot in the first 2 hours, then the park started to get a little crowded. Once I rode all the coasters once, and Superman 4 times, I headed over to Sea World and spent the rest of the day there. I'm looking forward to reading the TRs from the rest of your trip. I didn't know that Waterville USA existed, let alone had a wooden coaster. I give you a lot of credit. You drive a lot miles to ride coasters. I haven't been to California, because it's so far away. On our last coaster trip, I told my kids I'm getting to old for driving all those miles.
Re: TR: Six Flags Fiesta Texas 7/28/12 by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 8/7/12 1:56:04 AM
^^^Thanks for the comments Frontrow. I remember when you described Rattler you hit the nail on the head, it's definitely not top ten material, but it's very unique with the cliff setting and all. It will be interesting to see if they build anything on that site.
Re: TR: Six Flags Fiesta Texas 7/28/12 by Great_Ump Great_Ump Profile at 8/7/12 5:00:02 PM
Overbanked said:

Do anyone notice all of these 'got2b' hair glue billboards at Six Flags parks? Man the I really pimpin that stuff; Ironically the company's name is Schwarzkopf, talk about a legendary name is the coaster realm. I'll do the Cali TR's SFMM, and KBF tommorrow.

In my opinion, it's the best product out there for making your hair stand straight up. I've been using it for years. It's had several name changes. I believe it came out as "Spiker" in the late 90's.


(I'm getting old, but not as old as PATripMan!!)

Re: TR: Six Flags Fiesta Texas 7/28/12 by Fatsoccerguy191 Fatsoccerguy191 Profile at 8/7/12 8:24:54 PM
I used to use that when I when I straightened-spiked my hair in the back, it was amazing!!