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Allen & Ginter Roller Coaster Cards


8/5/12 at
2:11:59 PM

Hey all, haven't been on in a while, but figured I needed to share this.
In this year's baseball card set Allen & Ginter, they have a set of 5 Roller Coaster cabinet cards. The Cabinet cards are these over sized cards they have sealed on the top of the box that is sold in hobby stores.

The five coasters chosen are all classic woodies:
1 Leap the Dips in Altoona PA
2 Scenic Railway in Great Yarmouth UK
3 Rutschebanen in Copenhagen Denmark
4 Wild One in Prince Geroge's County Maryland
5 Jack Rabbit in West Mifflin PA

I tried to find any pictures, but the only ones are tied into ebay, and did not want to link from there.