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Trip Report Six Flags Great Adventure Sunday 7/22/12

ktujon ktujon Profile

8/3/12 at
9:03:13 PM

Followup from my previous trip on 6/26/12 that I wrote a TR for, I planned to come back with my roomate and another friend more prepared.

First things first I convinced them to get the flash pass with me which they were reluctant at first but we planned on staying til 4pm because my roomate wanted to goto Atlantic City afterwards so they figure get all the rides in with it during that time.

We all stayed in the Red Roof Inn near Princeton for $66 after tax, took about a 30min drive aimed to get there by 10am but instead got there at 10:30 because we were trying to find parking outside of the park so we could take one car in but ended up driving both our cars in; we didn't realize the place to park was the outlet mall which was the exit after Great Adventure.

Security checkpoint was again long as usual and I got in well before my roomate and friend since they were stuck behind alot of people so I used the bathroom and waited a few minutes before reaching the admission gate which was no wait at all!

Rushed straight for the flass pass building, only one person in the group could go so I went in, there was a long que area but I was third in line and waited about 5min before the door to the orientation room opened, about 10 people appeared behind me before it happened I also noticed I was the only one without a flash pass voucher.

After watching the dvd tutorial walked into the next room and ordered the gold flash pass for 3, a huge surprise for me is when I presented my season pass I received a $10 discount!

Green Lantern was closed the entire day as mentioned on the flash pass.

First thing I did with the flash pass was make a reservation for Superman since I don't want to wait 90+ min for it, we first headed to the Twister which was a one ride wait serving as a warmup for them. After riding it, it was a supershort ride but long waiting time in terms of loading people up, the shoulder restraints will not fit a tall upperbody like me and it crushed me throughout the ride luckily I survived without much pain.

The flashpass vibrated shortly before the Twister ride saying the Superman was ready, we got there and saw the que line already at the 60min mark but with the flash pass we waited about 3 trains for the last row, after riding Batwing 6times straight the other day at SFA this ride felt like nothing cept for the loop which I could feel the force go through my chest.

Cool thing about the flash pass is after you use it to get in line at the station you can make your next reservation while waiting for our ride, so we decided to ride Bizarro next. On our way there we saw no line for the Runaway Mine Train so we walked on and rode the back. I was pretty impressed with the ride cuz I felt some airtime hills during the ride which I didn't remember feeling when I first rode it many years ago prob cuz I rode near the front.

We got to Bizarro and used the flash pass, it wasn't necessary as there was no line in the station, we waited 3 trains for the front seat. Great ride as usual, my eyes were getting watery during the ride and I actually got to hear the onboard audio, I enjoyed at the end of the ride they play the chanting of BIZ-ARRO! BIZ-ARRO!

It was noon, I reserved for El Toro next and there was no line! My roomate was thinking we didn't need the flash pass but after we rode El Toro, my roomate loved it since it was his first time riding it and we rode on it again right afterwards, unfortunately the other friend was too scared of it after the first time so he waited out.

We walked over to Rolling Thunder and waited for about two trains without using the flash pass only the left side was running at the time, this coaster is nothing compared to El Toro but somehow I felt it being less bumpy than the last time I first rode it.

Next reservation was Kingdaka, our friend got on an early train, while we waited for the front seat which was an extra 30min. It was enjoyable first time around, we went on again this time trying out the 2nd row since I noticed the 2nd row of each car is elevated. To my delight since I'm tall enough I was able to experience the wind in my face while sitting in the 2nd row!

Unfortunately we lost our friend since we were gone 45min after the 2rides on Kingdaka. We eventually located him and headed towards the Skyride which unfortunately doesn't use flash pass and waited about 20min to get on.

Made the next reservation for Buccaneer since our friend likes the ship rides, def thought was the most boring ride of the day and there was a long line for it.

We went on Skull Mountain next which we were in and out from the exit, it was nice having a separate row for flash pass users since we saw a huge line on the other side not sure how long it extended to, like last time we thought it was a pretty boring ride aside from it being indoors.

We made the reservation for Nitro which we had to wait 10min for, by now the park was pretty crowded, the regular line for Nitro was at the 90min mark. We rode the back row and was pretty enjoyable.

We headed over to Dark Knight via flash pass but the line to the trains was pretty long moving slowly after waiting for the opening movie clip of Harvey Dent. But they thought the ride was more enjoyable than Skull Mountain since it had unexpected hills.

We went on Batman the ride next, the flash pass line went out the back door so we had to wait a few to get in and find the shortest row, def the ride has the most G force in the park as my right foot was feeling it as we went on every loop.

By now we were hungry and thirsty, I made a reservation for Skyscreamer and was able to get on after one ride cycle, the regular line was long. But comparing this to Cedar Points windseeker this had more speed to it 40mph.

My roomate and friend went to the food court in the Boardwalk area and got noodles while I went next door and got Loaded Nachos for 8.99 and the Collectors Slurpee cup I enjoy the Sprite flavor haven't seen that at any 7eleven and carried the cup with me the rest of the day.

While my roomate and friend were beat from walking around and wanted to rest. I went back to Kingdaka on my own I rode the 4th row on the dark blue train and found it not that enjoyable didn't feel the wind on my face that time. When I waited after the dark blue train broke down and had to be pulled from the launch track back into the 2nd station which caused a delay.

After the ride started running again I was able to get on the orange train 2nd row and enjoyed it, I find the wind kept blowing against my chin and felt my shaved hairs being irritated. Luckily enough the train after us happened to be the dark blue train which broke down again so they unloaded us from the back station, I had to go back to the front station to retrieve my slurpee cup, they would let me retrieve it at first!

I met up with my roomate and friend at Bizarro, while waiting for them I filled out a survey and got a free t-shirt at the Cheverlet tent nearby and sat against one of the Bizarro foundation poles on the cobra roll and got a nice massage from the vibrations whenever the train went by, used the flash pass to get on and the station was packed saw the que line go out to about 30min looks like we rode the 3rd row and my roomate enjoyed it as well.

We went back to El Toro and rode it two more times bypassing the hour long que lines via flash pass while waiting 10min the 2nd time and got a refill of my slurpee.

Went back to Superman for another 10min wait via the flashpass while there was about 60min wait for the regular line. Thought about leaving the park but decided to stay; I have a flash pass I need to use it!

Headed over to Kingdaka and noticed the dark blue train was acting up and therefore the ride was stopped.

Decided to head back to Nitro and by now it was getting dark, probably about a 30min wait for the regular line but after using the flash pass didn't want to wait for the front row so sat in the 3rd row and the darkness provided a nice atmosphere, went on front row of Batman afterwards and really enjoyed riding at night.

Headed back to Kingdaka and it was running by now it was 9:30 and was able to get 3 rides in the 2nd row and they were amazing each time with the lighted launch track and being able to feel the wind grazing the face each time.

What also was amazing was the ride operators being super efficient with the line moving, as they were telling passengers from the previous trains to take off your seatbelt and take off the neighbor seatbelt if no one was riding next to them. I noticed each time as I entered via flash pass entrance there was still alot of people waiting in the pitch black que line I felt bad for them as it was around 5min after 10pm they finally stopped the line.

I owe this day to the amazing gold flash pass!