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Six Flags Great Adventure TR: 08-01-12

eishinnyc eishinnyc Profile

8/2/12 at
12:39:10 AM

Hello again.
Yes, I went to the park by myself again.
POP was 10%.

But as soon as our bus got there-11 am-
it started raining !!!!!

It was thunderstorm.
No coasters, no Houdini's Great Escape.
Nothing to do.
No way to go home....
intermittent rain by 5 pm????

Nitoro was relaunched around 3 pm.
But the line was too long for me.
About 60 min.
So I was eating at Panda Express.

Since 4 pm almost no waiting time for Nitoro and Batman.
I rode Nitoro 12 times or something.
Batman 5 times.

Nitoro was not so smooth today.
I felt wooden coaster like shake.

Then someone said Kinda Ka is working!!!!
I rushed to there.
Waiting time was over 2 hours!!!!
It was about 6 pm.
Last bus was 8:30.....
No way......

So I waited about 60 min to ride Superman.
Then rode Skull mountain 7 times.
Nitoro and Batman 2 more times each.

If you want to ride Kinda Ka
you shoud pick POP 0% day.
Kinda Ka need more time to be relaunched.