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Virginia is for Coaster Lovers


7/31/12 at
2:42:03 PM

My wife and I have a few days off next week and have been trying to decide where to go. I've worked for the airlines for the past seven years and have been all over the country as well as several countries around the world, so pinning down a destination can be complicated with so many possibilities. I'm a huge coaster fanatic and have visited dozens of parks across the country, but have not ridden a coaster this year- needless to say I'm starting to get the itch.

We took a trip to PA last year, taking trips to Hershey and Knoebels (both parks exceeded my expectations), so I really wanted to fly back east again (you east coasters are spoiled with amusement parks) and hit up some parks I've never visited. Busch Gardens Williamsburg has always been on my wish list, so I thought we could head that direction and take one day there and one at Kings Dominion.

I am ecstatic to finally see and experience these two parks! We will go to KD on Tuesday and BGW on Wednesday. What kind of crowds should we expect? What rides should we avoid? What non-coaster rides should we not miss? What else is a must at these parks? Also any pointers on what rides to hit first, times to avoid certain rides, etc. will be appreciated.

Re: Virginia is for Coaster Lovers by Cyclone_Phil Cyclone_Phil Profile at 7/31/12 3:03:18 PM
Keeping things simple: at KD start with volcano early in the day as that line will only grow as the day goes on. I usually try for 2 rides and move on. Then go to flight of fear and from that point just tackle the coasters in clockwise order (it's up to you if you want to ride a flat ride in b/w coasters). After that, if you get a ride on all the coasters, then you can make it back to the flat rides. It's worked for me numerous times and I have only been there on the weekends.

I don't know about windseeker, I haven't rode that yet and I would expect there might be a long line for that because it has a low capacity.

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Re: Virginia is for Coaster Lovers by frontrow frontrow Profile at 7/31/12 4:09:45 PM
We were just at Busch Gardens last Monday. Verbolten had a 20 to 30 minute wait, and Curse of Dark Castle had a 25 minute wait. Other than that most lines were 5 to 10 minutes. Curse of Dark Castle, Escape from Pompeii, Europe in the Air, and the 5 coasters are a must. Busch Gardens is the most beautiful park that I have been to; you're in for a real treat. You can check out my TR: Busch Gardens/ Six Flags America TR part 1, for some more information. I haven't been to Kings Dominion since May of 2010, so I can't help you as far crowds. At Kings Dominion it's all about the coasters. I can't really think of any unique flats at the park.
Re: Virginia is for Coaster Lovers by alpengeistno3 at 7/31/12 6:06:05 PM
Do like Phil said and hit Volcano 1st at KD. On a Tuesday, you should not have any problem getting everything you want in, plus reriding your favorites after everyone leaves around 8:00.

BGE, Verbolten is not that bad a wait, even with a full queue line as long as all 5 trains are going. Best move is to get to the park by 9:15 to try to get an early ride on Loch Ness at 9:30. Get to the Ireland bridge for the rope drop at 10:00 and make the "running of the bulls" to Griffon (no running is necessary. As long as you can keep a brisk pace, most of the runners tire out by the time they get to the top of the huge hill at the Wolf Preserve.) Get a few rides on Griffon (if you are at the head of the pack, you can get 3-5 before anyone even shows up.) Go to Alpengeist and ride until they open the gates to Germany at 10:30 then go to Darkastle for a walk on ride.

From there, you can hit the rest of the park at your leisure. Don't miss Escape from Pompeii on the path between Italy and England and Europe in the Air in a building in Ireland. Roman Rapids is tucked away in the back of Festa Italia under Apollo's lift hill if you want a good soaking. The log flume (Le Scoot) is located under the bridge near the train station.

If the lines get long or the weather gets hot, a good inside show is a good thing to do. Ireland and the Festhaus have those (the Ireland one being the better of the 2). All the food is great, but the standouts are the Trappers Smokehouse (BBQ) and the Festhaus (German stuff that I don't like, but many others do.) The Italian restaurant and the Pretzel shop near Verbolten are very good if you want to try something different.

I could go into more detail if you need any other info, but you can probably get most of that from the many trip reports that have been posted here over the summer. They are really detailed and very well written (which is why I haven't bothered writing one about my trip, yet.)


Re: Virginia is for Coaster Lovers by glutton glutton Profile at 7/31/12 9:22:33 PM
Reading this thread is making ME want to plan a trip to Busch Gardens sometime. I've been to several of the Cedar Fair parks and Six Flags parks, but haven't been to any of the Busch Gardens ones.