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TR: Pleasure Pier

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7/28/12 at
12:16:59 PM

Hello friends! I'ts been a while since I've posted. In June I rewarded myself after a big Cutco sales contest with a visit to Galveston's Pleaure Pier. Here are my thoughts...

The Park: The Pier settles in nicely along the Galveston sea wall and is a fun addition to the scenery. The best feautre is you buy an all-day wrist band for about $22. You can come and go as you please. So, you could visit the park in the morning before it is crowded, then leave after an hour or two to enjoy all that Galveston has to offer. Then, you can return at night to ride more rides.

Overall the park is nothing to get excited about. It features an uninspiring 9(but still fun) selection of flats - Larsen Super Loops, Fireball, Frog Hopper, Power Tower, Pharoah's Fury, and a few others.

The cycles on the flats are REALLY short - a bit frustrating. And the swingy chairs (one of my indices for judging the quality of the park) are slow and boring.

The best rides are the exquisitely pirate-themed log flume that gets you really wet! and the Fireball - which swings you out over the pier's edge and over the water. Cool visuals.

And once again, I could get no one to participate in the good ol' "Tastes Great Less Fillin" chant on the Pharoah's Fury.

On to the coaster - the Iron Shark!!

The visuals of the sideways ocean going up the vertical lift are pretty cool. The 90+ degree is AMAZING! Great free-fall sensation! Best part of the ride.

The coaster then swoops upward into a zero-G roll then almost completes a roll-over to plunge back to ground level. Two more swooping turns take you into the final element - an inclined loop. RCDB doesn't list this as an inversion, but it truly is an inclined loop. If a horseshoe and the inclined dive loop on Hydra are inversions, then this definitely is. The inclined loop is another really sweet element.

The Iron Shark is swift and short. The first drop is awesome, and the inclined loop is fun. Other than that, it is just so-so. Not a bad little coaster for a pier, and especially for kids, but nothing to be excited about.

In all honesty, as my firt Eurofighter experience, it really doesn't get me very excited about riding other Eurofighters. It lacks intensity. But still fun.

The absolute best part of the day was riding Iron Shark 3 times in a row with a little kid, probably about 8-9 years old. We ended up in line together. He was blown away by the coaster, and I loved seeing his face light up after each ride. That made the day worth it.

I spent less than 2 hours at Pleasure Pier and rode everything. A fun little excursion. The park is staffed with tons of European college aged kids, like many parks. I wish they employed more locals, but oh well.

Thanks for reading, and as always, let me know when you're coming down to Texas!!

- Pat-O

Re: TR: Pleasure Pier by frontrow frontrow Profile at 7/28/12 1:17:08 PM
Nice TR. I never heard of Pleasure Pier until Iron Shark was announced. I must admit, before reading your TR, I didn't know anything about the park. I didn't realize it was that small and Iron Shark is the only rollercoaster. It sounds like a place to visit for a couple hours, before heading to another park. I have ridden several Euro fighters. None of them are great, but they are fun. My favorite is Mystery Mine in Dollywood. The Disney caliber theming is what really makes the ride. Thanks for sharing. I'm now intrigued to find out more about this park.
Re: TR: Pleasure Pier by LoneStar LoneStar Profile at 7/28/12 4:23:29 PM
Well, I don't want to spoil your intrigue, but there isn't much to it. It's fun and very well run, but you got the point - visit for a few hours, then enjoy the rest of Galveson - and head up the road to Kemah!

- Pat-O

Re: TR: Pleasure Pier by drachen drachen Profile at 8/2/12 10:40:36 PM
I don't care what you say Pat... I want to get to this park in the worst way! :) I'm jealous that you got to go.

Maybe it's the seaside pier atmosphere that it has to have. I love that about one of my all time favorite places, Morey's Piers. I'm glad to see that it can exist elsewhere.

I'm sorry to hear that the ride cycles are short. The flat collection looks pretty good.

Iron Shark looks short, but sweet. I'm a fan Eurofighters in general, since they all look to be pretty unique on the inversion side of things. That's great in a world full of B&M's, Arrows, and Intamins.

On of these years I'll get to Texas and get to this place and Kemah, along with the two Six Flags and Sea World.

Was the Star Flyer not open yet? That think looks like a lot of fun, with a great view.

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Re: TR: Pleasure Pier by LoneStar LoneStar Profile at 8/4/12 7:37:18 AM
No. Several rides were not open yet.