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Six Flags America advice

leviathan leviathan Profile

7/19/12 at
9:36:55 PM

I will be trucking the family to the D.C. area to visit some friends towards the end of August. I know that SFA is nearby, however the impression I get by looking at the park map is that it is maybe not the greatest place for kids under 54". Can anyone comment on that? I have a 51", 49" and the rest of the kids between the 2 families are all under 48"

We have visited KD the last 2 years and even that place gets a little tough considering my guys with the height requirements.

Another option might be to stop at Knoebels or another local park and spend a night on the way back (to Western NY)...not as convenient but an option nonetheless...

Re: Six Flags America advice by Great_Ump Great_Ump Profile at 7/20/12 1:20:33 AM
Theres been quite a bit of advice on tackling the park on URC this year. Use the search option and I'm sure you can find what you seek.

Answering the question directly, I'm not sure the height restrictions on the coasters and stuff but there are a few general flats that other parks have that families can ride. SFA does feature two kiddie areas with several rides for the kiddies.

The waterpark doesn't feature the best lineup of water attractions though it isn't too bad either.

Be sure to check the SF website for park hours as schools return in late August here and SFA has been closed that final week of August the last few years.