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Height Limits for Hershey Park Roller Coasters?


7/17/12 at
1:28:32 AM

I'm about 6'2/6'3. I was wondering if I'll be unable to fit in any of the roller coasters at Hershey Park, considering the message on the parks website saying that taller guests may not be able to fit in the restraints for certain roller coasters. I only worry because I went to Darien Lake a month ago and almost didn't fit in the Ride of Steel; my knees barely fit under the lap bar. Any tall people out there who can shed some light on this? Thanks :)

Re: Height Limits for Hershey Park Roller Coasters? by depotrat at 7/17/12 7:13:52 AM

This site says taller than 6'3", so if you are between 6"2" and 6'3" you should be good.

Re: Height Limits for Hershey Park Roller Coasters? by mugen828 mugen828 Profile at 7/17/12 9:47:22 AM
I am 6'5" and I fit on every single ride just fine. I am very very skinny though, but height wise you have nothing to worry about! :)

The only one you will have to worry about (height wise) is Skyrush. I have ridden a ride like that Superman one you rode, bizarro at SFNE, and I know exactly what you mean about barely fitting. I was seriously uncomfortable and almost turned away. Skyrush has this crazy lap bar that sits on your thigh, with us being taller and the ride being intense, it pushes down on the thigh. So the taller you are, the longer your thigh is (typically), thus I think they are worried about taller folks like us getting injured.

Skyrush's height limit it 78", so you should be fine. Me on the other hand....might have my second walk of shame coming to me...:(

Being 77" tall is not fun sometimes...

Here are a list of rides I barely fit on:

Great White - Morey's Piers (I fit fine, but my knees hit the front of the inside of the car! ouch)

Bizarro - SFNE - intamin hypers are not tall peopl's friends :(

Possessed - Dorney Park - I was told I was too tall even though it's listed at 78" limit, but I had ridden it before so they let me on.

Great Nor Easter - Morey's Piers - I literally fear for my legs on this ride. I think I almost got turned away on this ride, and to be honest I'm not sure I will ride it again, which is a shame because I love it!

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Re: Height Limits for Hershey Park Roller Coasters? by ktujon ktujon Profile at 7/17/12 8:09:31 PM
I'm 6'3 and I would say Hersheypark has the most comfiest coasters allaround especially the wooden coasters with the width of their seats! I've been to Kings Dominion and their wooden coasters are too narrow for me, I have to stand up to find the seatbelt. The most uncomfortable coaster at Hershey for me aside from "Thighcrush" is probably Stormrunner because, I rode it 5times in a row and my shoulders kept slamming into the restraint on the heartline roll and def felt sore for a few days after the trip!
Re: Height Limits for Hershey Park Roller Coasters? by theRock-steel theRock-steel Profile at 7/17/12 10:45:51 PM
I am 6'6". I have rode all 12 coasters at Hershey in June with no problem. It depends on the park as to whether they are going to stick with internet height restrictions. One park questioned my ability to ride their Vekoma SLC while most haven't even paused when I am in line for the very same type of ride. El Toro and Superman-ROS have seats that make you sit taller in the back of each car. So they understand that when I go in the front I may be "shorter" than those behind me. I normally can't ride in a Vekoma Suspended Family Coaster, but I have been on one. The kids' rides are tough but I don't really try to get on those anymore. I was told that you have to ride with a kid, I could hardly get in or out of a few, one wild mouse I didn't fit into.
Re: Height Limits for Hershey Park Roller Coasters? by squirrels at 7/18/12 10:44:36 AM
I'm 6'4-6'5 270# and I fit on everything just fine. Comet, SDL, Great Bear, Fahrenheit, Stormrunner, Wildcat, Wild Mouse, Lightning Racer, Sidewinder. Can't think of anything that was particularly "tight".

I have not been there since SkyRush...last time there was last year. I've heard that they have changed the padding on the lap restraints to lessen the pain.

Re: Height Limits for Hershey Park Roller Coasters? by jimbooo at 7/18/12 12:36:44 PM
Awesome guys, thanks for all of your input :)