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Best Halloween Events


7/12/12 at
8:26:29 AM

Last year my wife and I went to Cedar Point during "Halloweekends" and were very entertained by the haunted attractions and riding the coasters in "the fog".

I know a lot of parks have Halloween theming in September and October. Who has the best? (especially in the Mid-Atlantic region)

Looking for good haunted house/haunted midway attractions, unique visual effects, good "startle-factor". (crazies jumping out of the fog, that kind of thing)

Also, the coasters need to be running. :)

We've talked about going to BGW or HP this year, but if someone else has better Halloween stuff, it may be worth a trip.

Re: Best Halloween Events by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 7/12/12 10:16:47 AM
Most fun I've had at a park Halloween event is Dorney's Haunt. Most of the walk-through haunts are quite well-done and effective, especially Camp Cudie (See You Die) outdoors. I'm guessing Cudie will not be open for business this year and the near future, due to the #$%&!! Dino-bores. The Asylum, down by Stinger, is the best indoor Haunt, and the Mansion Hotel was a first time for me last visuals..i.e, the decor itself.

I'm lucky..this year, I will be given four tickets to the Haunt as a result of my Coasting For Kids fundraising. Although I have a Cedar Fair Platinum Pass, these tickets will also include a Fright Lane wristband, the Halloween version of Fast Lane. Although Dorney's coaster collection is not the best, they're all open except for Thunderhawk (there's a haunt underneath.) I think the ride is open earlier in the day. Some of the haunts do not open until later, IIRC.

Hershey is a lotta fun at Halloween time too, but more family oriented than Dorney. They usually have a decent rock and roll show (Monster Mach, Witch Doctor, Time Warp, that sorta stuff) They also change the names..with actual signs..of some of the major rides to reflect the spirit of the season.


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