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chitlins73 chitlins73 Profile

6/26/12 at
1:00:00 PM

Ended my long ten day 8 park trip yesterday at Hershey and got to experience Skyrush.It is an ejector airtime machine!!!! It is sooo sad to see that this ride is hurting people because it did not bother me at all.This ride easily cracks my top 5 steel list and is one of the most intense coasters I have ever been on!! Right up there with the big boys like I-305,The voyage,El Toro,Hades.....Finally Hershey has a destination coaster!!!Do the back winged seat for the best ride experience and the night ride made it even more amazing!!! This coaster wants to just toss you out of your seat.What a sensation!!

Re: SkyRush!! by mugen828 mugen828 Profile at 6/26/12 1:06:31 PM
This is what I like to hear! Do you mind if I ask you how tall you are? If so, no worries, just curious as I am righttt at the height limit, and it might hurt my legs bc I'm so tall.

Either way, STOKED to hear you enjoyed it! I just want to taste that drop!

- mugen828
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Re: SkyRush!! by chitlins73 chitlins73 Profile at 6/26/12 7:11:47 PM
I am 5"11. The drop is great but after the drop is when the fun and intensity really kicks in!!! Get an end seat in the back and try to keep those arms up,lol.
Re: SkyRush!! by frontrow frontrow Profile at 6/26/12 7:36:23 PM
Leviathan has been my most anticipated coaster of the 2012 class. After reading these contradicting reviews, Skyrush has moved up to #1 on my priority list. I can't wait to judge for myself.
Re: SkyRush!! by chitlins73 chitlins73 Profile at 6/26/12 8:25:51 PM
Leviathan was a fast and fun coaster but can not match the intensity of an intamin machine.Skyrush is an airtime machine with lots of intensity!! Goliath at Laronde was even better than Leviathan.Don't get me wrong,Leviathan was a great coaster but just a bigger version of all the other B@M hyper coasters.
Re: SkyRush!! by GoYanks34 GoYanks34 Profile at 6/26/12 9:07:19 PM
chitlins73 said:

I am 5"11. The drop is great but after the drop is when the fun and intensity really kicks in!!! Get an end seat in the back and try to keep those arms up,lol.

Are you a masochist??!! LOL! Do so at your own risk... You have all been forewarned NOT to put your hands in the air. The ejector time is not like Nitro or ET where you have this great floating feeling. It's more like "Sh#$! I'm falling out and going to die!"

But to each his own...


Re: SkyRush!! by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 6/26/12 10:19:35 PM
Why do I suspect this will be getting the trim brake treatment that I-305 did.
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Re: SkyRush!! by drachen drachen Profile at 6/26/12 11:12:31 PM
Eric_Gieszl said:

Why do I suspect this will be getting the trim brake treatment that I-305 did.

If by I-305 treatment you mean trim the ride horribly to get through the first year, make modifications in the off season, and re-open the ride in the second year sans said trims... then yeah, I can see that.

From what I hear, and I don't mean on fan sites, Hersheypark truly does not want to slow the ride down. I think restraint modifications are in the works, but I don't think you'll see a change this year. The change really needs to be significant enough that it will require the ride to be closed when they do it.

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Re: SkyRush!! by Kevin_Page Kevin_Page Profile at 6/27/12 9:49:02 PM
I've heard others say that Hershey would be able to make modifications during the season and it wouldn't take all that much effort, just slight changes to the lap restraint.

I'm not one of those who has to ride it the 1st year just for the sake of riding it before it's changed. I just want to ride an enjoyable/fun coaster.

I was thinking of going at the end of September, assuming that by then they might have tweaked at least 1 of the trains. BUT if I go this year, I can't next year. And will Knoebels open the Flying Turns this year? So if I wait until 2013, then I'd have an improved Skyrush & another new one.

But can only do 1 trip next year and was hoping to do a Cedar Point/Canada's Wonderland visit.

First world problems, I know. but I want easy decisions. LOL

Re: SkyRush!! by GeeFours at 7/30/12 9:44:30 PM
Rode this 3 times now. This is as close to perfection as it gets. The first time was actually very disappointing. I can only compare it to my only time on Top Thrill Dragster. The power, intensity and speed was so overwhelming that the ride didn't even register. Both rides left me in a daze. You need to be mentally prepared for what is about to happen on Sky Rush and slow things down in your mind. When that happens, Sky Rush is roller coaster Nirvana.
Re: SkyRush!! by squirrels at 7/31/12 9:34:54 AM
How were the "switches"? A lot of the new Intamin rides...I305 and especially Maverick, and kind of at the very end of these snappy "switches" from left to right...they tend to give the neck a good tweak if you're not ready for them.

I watched a POV video of SkyRush and the transitions didn't seem that severe, but those videos never do it justice. Just wondering if it would give someone with a sore neck any issues.

Re: SkyRush!! by ktujon ktujon Profile at 7/31/12 10:08:59 AM
glad you enjoyed it! I certainly did I plan on making another trip in late August and try to ride it at night and see if the restraint system changed