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Cedar Point Trip Report June 9-10

rollercoastersfreak rollercoastersfreak Profile

6/23/12 at
10:15:20 PM

This was my first trip to Cedar Point. This was actually my first amusment I've been to besides Six Flags St. Louis. All of who went were my dad, my mom, my brother, my two sisters and one of my sisters friends.

I left my house at around 5 o clock in the afternoon on Friday the 8th. The rental car that my dad had reserved had a bunch of hail damage from a storm the week before so they didn't have it there any more. We got to Enterprise at 5 because when my dad called them they said someone would be back then. We waited there for an hour after that before they finally showed up. So we weren't off to the greatest start.
At about 3:30 am on Saturday We arrived in Sandusky. My parents thought it was a waste of money to stay in a hotel that we would only be in for a few hours so we drove into the parking lot of Breakers Express and slept in the car for the night. It already wasn't comfortable sleeping for 10 hours in a van full of 7 people yet alone another 4 hours.

We woke up at about 8 am Saturday. We went to eat breakfast at Jolly Donut. It was actually pretty good. After that we left and went on over to check In at Hotel Breakers. We got there right about when the park was opening for early entery. We checked In to our room and my brother, my sister and her friend and I headed over to Cedar Point.

We got in line for Top Thrill Dragster first. We had about a minute until the front gates opened. We waited for about 15 minutes. We were all 4 scared but we had so much fun on it. It was on of my favorite rides there and my brothers favorite. My sisters friend was holding my sisters hand.

After that we headed over to Raptor. That was our longest wait the whole weekend. We waited for an hour. I enjoyed it. No one else did though.

Next we rode Max Air next. The closest we rode to this was Excaliber but this was miles ahead.

We told my sisters friend that she could pick a ride next. Out of everything to pick she picked Disaster Transport. It was one of the most boring rides I've ever rode.

My sister then picked Wicked Twister. We had a lot of fun on this. We rode in the back and man was it fun.

We went back to our hotel to eat lunch. We ate and then my brother wanted to go play ultimate frisbee on the beach. We did that for a little while then eventually went back to the park.

The next ride we rode was Iron Dragon. I dislike this ride with a burning Passion. The only enjoyable thing about it was when we were at the block brakes on the second lift hill my sister thought the ride broke down and started screaming and crying.

We then went to Mantis. I waited for the front with my brother, sister, and her friend while my dad and other sister went near the back. I found it a thrilling and enjoyable ride but I didn't like the fact that my head always hit the side of the restraints. It started to hurt. My brother couldn't stand it it hurt him so bad.

We saved Millinium Force and Maverick for the next day so we could ride them with no lines. So next we went to Mean Streak. Since I am such a big fan of giant woodies I was really looking forward to this. I had hears horrible stories about it but didn't really care. I actually thought it was fairly smooth. But it was quite boring. Going up the lift hill it was really loud. I couldn't hear anything my sister was saying over it. I was dissapointed.

My brother still wasn't feeling well so we went on Gemini since it didn't seem that bad. It was a very enjoyable ride up until the final helix. It was really rough.

Since my brother wasn't feeling well he went back to the hotel with my sister who was scared on iron dragon while the rest of us went on Magnum XL200. I absolutly loved it. It was a little rough bit the airtime made it all worth it. The airtime through all little bunny hills at the end was some of the beat airtime I've been on.

We went back to the hotel to eat dinner. Afterwards my whole family went to rode windseeker while I went to take pictures. I got some pretty cool pictures of Magnum and some thrill rides. While I was taking pictures I decided to ride a couple flat rides. I rode monster and the spinning ride by Top Thrill Dragster. Then I went back to the hotel and went to bed.

The next morning me and my brother left early to make sure we got to Millinium Force early. We were able to ride in the second row with about a 10 minute wait. It was the smoothest ride I've been on. I knew it was going to be sick but it was so much better than I was expecting. The speed was unreal. It was just crazy.

We rushed over to Maverick to ride that also. We waited about 15 minutes for the front seat. My brother was skeptical about it but we both really enjoyed it. It hurt a little bit but was really unique experience.

We then went to get on Top Thrill Dragster a second time. We got in line before the park opened but about 5 minutes after we got in line it broke down. So we went to power tower. Since we have Superman at home we opted to go on the side that launches up. It was nothing compare to.launching downward. We dropped really slow. We were dissapointed.

We decided to go on Corkscrew next. It was a mistake. That was the most painful ride I had ever been on. The little hill before the first loop was so unecessary. It just hurt.

We then went to ride SkyHawk. Weed had so much fun on this we rode it twice. The air time is phenomenal when your going forwards and its scary looking strait at the ground.

We went on Magnum after that since my brother didn't ride it the day before. I loved it just as much as I did the first time but my brother didn't enjoy it too much.

We went back to the hotel to eat and then we sat on the beach for a little while. I wish my camera had gotten a good picture of my brothers sunburn from him sitting on the beach. All of his skin was bright red.

I went back by myself and rode Thunder Canyon. My dad and sister had just gotten off and told me it is impossible to stay dry. So as my luck goes I don't get wet. I enjoyed Thunder River at SFStL more than this.

Since I wanted to get wet real bad I went on Shoot The Rapids. I got lucky and sat behind 2 of the hottest girls I've seen in a long time. And I rode with their mom. Also flat out gorgeous. As we exited the station I started talking to them and then the ride broke down. After our boat the rise was shut down. They started freaking out. The mom actually holding my hand she was so scared. I enjoyed. But I will say it was a great ride and I was surprised on how wet I got. After the second drop the water filled up to over the top of the seat. When we got off it looked we just got out of a pool. Did I mention the women were gorgeous and in their bikinis.

I then said bye and went to ride Millinium Force for my second time. It was better than the first. It was about a half hour wait for the front. It was the first time I blacked out .on a roller coaster. Now I can say that time hurt though. When I had my hands up bugs were hitting me in the chest and arms. I actually had a wept on my chest later that day.

I went back to the hotel we decided we were going to go play challenge golf and eat dinner at friendlys. But first we wanted to go back to the park again. But by this time we already rode everything we wanted to. We rode Wicked Twister again, Max Air again and Disaster Transport again. We only rode Disaster Transport again because my dad hadn't rode it yet. It was boring again except this time there wasn't one person in line.

My sister wanted to go Blue Streak so we went on that next. The train my dad was getting on the restraints were still locked so he couldn't get on in time so he sat off. It was pretty boring though so he didn't miss much.

Well then we decided we needed to hurry up so we could go get dinner. So we decided we were going to rose Calypso and then Millinium Force for the last rise of the trip. Calypso was pretty decent. Millinium Force again had only a 30 minute wait. Again in was a great ride.

We ate dinner at friendlys. Which by the way was great food and service. We played challenge golf until about 11 pm and went to bed.

The next morning we left for La Porter Indiana. My dad had a meeting for work there on Tuesday so we went there on Monday for that. We headed to Mt. Baldy. We then headed north to Sr. Joseph Michigan. It was a very pretty beach where everybody was extremelly friendly. Probably the most friendly people I've ever met. We went back to our hotel in La Porte and went to bed. We woke up the next morning and headed home to good old St. Louis.

So as a summary of the trip I very much enjoyed Cedar Point. My only concern was the smoking areas were in areas that were on the main path to rides. I'm alergic to cigarette smoke and it was a little annoying holding my breath while walking towards a ride. It would have been better if they would have been more isolate where you had to go out of the way to get there.

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Re: Cedar Point Trip Report June 9-10 by frontrow frontrow Profile at 6/24/12 9:58:49 AM
Great TR Brandon. I was wondering if you were going to write one. I'm always eager to read someone's thoughts when they visit a park for the first time, especially a park like Cedar Point. Your home park, Six Flags St. Louis is a very good park; but it's always good to get out and visit different parks. I don't know exactly where you live at, but Worlds Of Fun is about 4 hours from Six Flags St. Louis. Anyway, it sounded as if Millennium Force was your favorite coaster; that's my favorite coaster at Cedar Point also. I'm glad you had fun and got to enjoy the whole experience with your family. You guys will remember it forever.
Re: Cedar Point Trip Report June 9-10 by Mikey_Mad Mikey_Mad Profile at 6/24/12 12:02:13 PM
After 45 years of Cedar Point I only managed to spend the night once for Costermania. Nice you got to put in days there. Sadly, because of the line waits, sometimes this is the best way to get everything in.
This was the 2nd trip report without mention of the new dinosaurs. I think they are under the MF's turn around loops. Maybe they are not notable.
Disaster Transport started out its life as the "Snowball Express" and was supposed to emulate a bobsled course (what true coaster fan hasn't looked with envy on bobsleds?). The line was slow, and in the baking sun so the snowball part was quickly dispensed with, and Express might suggest speed, which you experienced. After a time CP put the shell up with some half hearted theming which after a couple of years they failed to maintain. If I were CP I would sell the thing, but you might have to pay someone to take it.
Finally you had a fun typo. During you second ride on MF I thought you said you WEPT, which would have put you into a special class of coaster fans. Alas, I think you got a welt. Oh welt.
Re: Cedar Point Trip Report June 9-10 by rollercoastersfreak rollercoastersfreak Profile at 6/24/12 2:52:14 PM
It took me awhile because my computer was broke. I ended up doing it on my phone since I wanted to get it done.

But thank you. I'm also going to try to get to Six Flags Magic Mountain in November. The wild thing about the trip though is almost the entire time we would over hear someone complaining about the heat. One person I actually overheard say screw this. It's too hot. We're leaving. And the temperature was bairly 90 degrees. It was funny since the average in St. Louis is usually around 95. Today its actually 100.

Re: Cedar Point Trip Report June 9-10 by mugen828 mugen828 Profile at 6/25/12 10:46:53 AM
rollercoastersfreak said:

It took me awhile because my computer was broke. I ended up doing it on my phone since I wanted to get it done.

But thank you. I'm also going to try to get to Six Flags Magic Mountain in November. The wild thing about the trip though is almost the entire time we would over hear someone complaining about the heat. One person I actually overheard say screw this. It's too hot. We're leaving. And the temperature was bairly 90 degrees. It was funny since the average in St. Louis is usually around 95. Today its actually 100.

I figured your either wrote that on your phone or you were young. I have still yet to make the pilgrimage to the CP. You should show us a link with yoru pictures or upload a few here. Sounds like your entire family had a great time! Maybe next time get those digits from them girls! haha Awesome TR.

- mugen828
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Re: Cedar Point Trip Report June 9-10 by rollercoastersfreak rollercoastersfreak Profile at 6/25/12 11:46:08 AM
I'll get the pictures up once my computer is fixed. But my pictures aren't that great. The ones inside the park are mostly night time and the ones during the day are on our way home outside the park. My good pictures are the ones from St. Joseph.
And I am young too. Well if you consider 21 young.