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Midwest coaster trip. Part #5 Nickelodeon Universe

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6/19/12 at
3:34:25 PM

By the time we arrived a purchased our wrist bands it was 3:30 pm, which meant we had 3 hours. This was my first visit and I can't describe how impressed I was with this indoor park. The theming was incredible. This became my daughter's New favorite park. All the kids and myself loved this place. Every ride was a walk on. In 3 hours we rode so much.

Our first ride was Sponge Bob's Rock Bottom Plunge. We rode it twice. It Euro fighter and its very smooth with a bunch of great elements. It's hard to believe that this is inside a mall.

Next was Avatar Air Bender. We rode this twice. It was my favorite coaster at the park. It's an Intamin half pipe, and the first one like it that I've ridden. I loved how you spin while going up and down those 90 degree towers.

We grabbed one ride on Pepsi Orange Streak. It's a tame coaster that goes all around the park. Most of the rides at this park were made for this park and are really unique and well themed. The kids grabbed a credit on Back At The Barnyard Hayride, it's a kiddie coaster.

Then we headed to Fairly Odd Coaster for 1 ride. It was another spinning coaster. We then rode The Log Chute once. This was a themed flume and made my top 5 water rides. 2 drops and well themed. The park really pays attention to every detail.

Next was a flat ride called Brainsurge. We rode it twice. It was my oldest son's and daughter's favorite ride at the park. The ride goes in circular motion while you control inversions with a lever. You can flip continuously or hold yourself upside down, It's all up to you. Very unique and well themed.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shell Shock was next. We rode this twice. This my younger son's favorite ride. You control how flip by adjusting your body weight and moving the wings. Once again, very unique and well themed.

We then headed over to Jimmy Neutrons Atomic Collider. We rode this twice, and this was my favorite flat of the park. You actually received air time from this ride. It was a spinning plane ride but the planes toppled over one another. Very unique and well themed.

We grabbed one ride on Danny Phantom Ghost Zone, it was a themed flying carpet ride. Our last ride was Ghost Blasters. A dark ride with a shoot em up game. It was done better than Kennywood's or the one at Lake Compounce.

I took the kids photos with Sponge Bob and Patrick. Those were the best costumes I have ever seen. The whole park was amazing. By far the best kids park in the country. We then headed for Madison WI for some sleep.

Re: Midwest coaster trip. Part #5 Nickelodeon Universe by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 6/20/12 10:10:24 PM
Nice TR. You're preaching to the choir concerning the park's theming, it is very well done. I'm glad that you liked Jimmy Neutron, I agree that the airtime on that thing is awesome, loved it! It has a perfect name as the tumbling cars looks like they are gonna collide. Jimmy N. was my number 2 fav flat at Nick Uni, and BrainSurge is not only my favorite flat in that park, but anywhere! I love that ride, it's a top notch thrill machine. For me TMNT: Shell Shock theming is awesome, but the ride exp was 'just okay' as it was hard to get that flipping action down to the tee, ride time seemed really short too; I saw some YT vids people people who know how to flip the shells really good (rocking it side to side pre-ride LOL) I guess that it just takes some practice.

It's kinda weird as the coasters on the Midwest trip that you say are rough, I think vice-versa, and the coasters that I think are smooth, well, you know. :) For me SpongeBob (fav coaster at Nick) wasn't S-kopt rough by no means, but did seemed a lil' bit head bangy for such a newer coaster, just like Mystery Mine; I'm screaming from the Mtn tops, lapbars are the solution! :) I agree that Avatar was very good, ride time pretty short though. I agree that the family coasters are nice rides for anyone of all ages. Thanks for the TR.

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Re: Midwest coaster trip. Part #5 Nickelodeon Universe by frontrow frontrow Profile at 6/20/12 10:38:57 PM
The first time I rode turtles, I couldn't do anything. With the instructions I got from my kids, I flipped over and over again on my second ride. I really was impressed with that indoor park. My kids were in amusement park heaven. I also loved Brainsurge, but my kids were in control of the lever. I believe that the ride would have better if I was controling the lever. Every ride was made specifically for that park. I was so impressed.
Re: Midwest coaster trip. Part #5 Nickelodeon Universe by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 6/20/12 11:01:01 PM
^^^On Brainsurge, what kind of rotations were the kids doing when you was on, pretty stationary or flipping haphazardly like a out of control carnival ride? (latter being the way I like) :)
Re: Midwest coaster trip. Part #5 Nickelodeon Universe by theRock-steel theRock-steel Profile at 6/20/12 11:02:13 PM
I'll guess that during the week you can get a lot done in a short time there. I had about 5 hours and some of that was in the mall itself. Man, did I take a ton of pics. The park is probably the most well themed of any that I have been to. I rode the four bigger coasters twice each. Avatar Airbender was by far the best. Because it went "everywhere", I liked Pepsi Orange Streak too. The Euro-Fighter gave way too many head bangs, but it does have the longest name of any ride that I have been to! Lap bars always seem to make an improvement. That is why Dare Devil Dive and Top Thrill Dragster are the best of their type. Gerstlauer spinners like Fairly Odd Coaster are fun but the Pandemoniums in Missouri and Texas have an extra element. It's too bad that Log Chute had problems and TMNT wasn't open yet for me. Brain Surge was the bomb and I really like the name too.