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Midwest coaster trip. Part #3 Worlds Of Fun

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6/19/12 at
2:03:26 PM

Our hotel was just minutes from Worlds Of Fun. We arrived at 9:30 for a 10:00am opening. Once again my only visit to this park was in 2001 and the first for my kids. Both parks, Worlds Of Fun and Six Flags St. Louis have really improved in the last 11 years. Prowler was the main objective of this park so we headed there first. The day before we got front seat of the first train of the day on American Thunder. So we tried to do the same on Prowler.

We hustled down to Prowler and were the first ones in line. They were running late with morning inspections, but an employee who was an avid coaster enthusiast, kept us entertained by talking about different coasters around the country. In about 10 minutes we boarded the front seat of the first train of the day. After that they let us stay on because there was no line. We rode the back seat 3 times and the second to back 3 times for a total of 7 rides. This ride is amazing. It has it all. Air time, laterals, speed, smoothness, great elements, and an unique layout. It's the 5th best wooden coaster I've ridden, and that's saying a lot, being that I have now ridden most of the top notch wooden coasters in the country. My daughter called it her new favorite wooden coaster. Prowler is by far the best ride in the park.

We headed over to Patriot, a B&M invert that was new to me. After my walk of shame on Batman the day before, we walked onto row 5 and I took the big boy seat. I grabbed another ride in the big boy seat for a total of 2 rides, while my kids waited for front seat. The ride is good. Very smooth and a nice layout. Probably around mid pack of the 15 B&M inverts that I've ridden. The kids liked it better than Batman.

Next we waited 10 minutes for Spinning Dragons. Another spinning coaster and another coaster that wasn't there in 2001. Once again it was a fun ride.

Next we took front seat of Timber Wolf. In 2001 this coaster really impressed me. It was smooth, full of air time, and had a great layout. It has gotten a little rough on the bottom of the drops. The front seat ride was very enjoyable, but we all agreed, we didn't want to attept the back seat. So we just got that one ride. On a side note, they used to have a really cool sign with a wolf on it at the entrance. That sign is now gone.

The kids got their credit on Cosmic Coaster, a kiddie coaster, then we headed over to Mamba. Mamba was a walk on, like everything else in the park. We got 2 back seat rides and a second front front ride for a total of 3 rides. The back is much better. Last time,in 2001, I rode Mamba 5 Times. The best part of Mamba is the turn around, a lot of positive G's. The ride as a whole is good, but on the lower end when comparing it to other hyper coasters.

The last coaster if the day was Boomerang. I walked onto the middle for my only ride. The kids went back on for a front seat ride, while I shot some photos. The ride is smoother than most Boomerang coasters. On the way out we did ride Sea Dragon, their swing pirate ship and the kids rode Fury Of The Nile, their raging rapids ride. It was only 3:30 pm on Monday June 11th, but we rode everything we wanted to. We left the park and headed for Minnesota