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Midwest coaster trip. Part #1 Holiday World

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6/19/12 at
11:47:30 AM

This year for our annual June coaster trip we decided to hit some parks in the Midwest. With so many parks to choose from, time and money played a huge role in determining what parks to attend. The earliest we could leave was 2:00 am early Saturday morning on June 9th and had to be home at 3:00 pm Thursday afternoon June 14th. I also had a $2,000 budget, we still need to hit Hershey, Canadas Wonderland, and few smaller parks this year. So 3 of my kids and I packed up the minivan, played Holiday Road, and headed west.
We arrived at Holiday World at 9:00 central time. It gave us a half hour to park, buy our tickets and wait for the rope drop. Now usually I will not attend a park on a Saturday, but we really didn't have much of a choice. The park was very crowded in the morning. This was my 4th time at Holiday World, it was the kids' first time. So we made The Raven our first ride.
We took a front seat ride for the first ride of the trip. Later on we rode the back seat twice. The Raven is running good. It's been very consistent in the Times that I visited HW. We all agreed that the back seat was much better than the front. The one thing that has always impressed about The Raven is the speed it carries all the way to the end. That's pretty unusual for a coaster that size. We all really enjoyed it.
Next was a front seat ride on The Legend; we added another front seat ride later on in the day. These were the best 2 rides I have gotten on The Legend. The laterals were incredible. The one air time hill was great. The coaster was running so aggressive, I couldn't believe it was The Legend. All 3 kids loved it, even more than The Voyage. That's how good it was running. I still have The Voyage way in front, but The Legend climbed way up my wooden coaster list after those 2 rides.
Now it was time for The Voyage. We grabbed front seat for our first ride. We rode the front one more time and the back seat 4 times, for a total of 6 rides. The Voyage is running great. Now at the very end, the last few turns, it is starting to get jerky. They will have to address that in the near future. If it does get any worse, they'll start to hear the complaints. The first hill, second hill, third hill, the spaghetti bowl, the triple down, and everything before the very end, is silky smooth, lightning fast, and air time filled. It's running great. The back seat was coaster heaven for me.
As the day went on the lines got shorter. Not only did we ride the coasters but we got to enjoy some of the flats. We rode Turkey Wirl, which is a Tilt a Wirl, but the cars are in a shape of a turkey. Gobbler Getaway is a fun house, shoot em up ride. Revolution, which is a Round Up type ride. We also rode Eagles Flight. I love those flyer type rides.
We did not do the water park, but we did ride Pilgrims Plunge once and the kids rode Raging Rapids. The kids also got a credit on The Howler kiddie coaster.
All in all it was a great day. All 3 kids loved the park. We left the park at 6:00pm, drove to Mount Vernon IL, and got some sleep.

Re: Midwest coaster trip. Part #1 Holiday World by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 6/20/12 10:45:13 PM
Nice TR Frontrow. This time I agree with everything that you said. Bottomline Voyage, and Legend kicks butt. I rode Raven somewhere in the middle, next time whenever I go back, I'll head to the rear of the train; No doubt it's pacing is great throughout, the course seemed a lil' too short for that 'ripping and running speed style'. It's definitely pound for pound the most speediest 85 foot drop coaster that I can think of, I can't think of anything to compare it with. Pilgrim's Plunge was good; I meant to mention this on my TR, but isn't PP's exit super intricate? It's like a concrete part-subterranean fortified labyrinth or something. I know that thing costed hella money to build. Thanks for the TR.

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Re: Midwest coaster trip. Part #1 Holiday World by frontrow frontrow Profile at 6/20/12 11:46:10 PM
I have ridden The Legend about 10 Times before this visit. It was amazing how great The Legend was running. Out of the whole trip, the back seat of The Voyage was my Nirvana. My kids didn't agree, but I see how you rank The Voyage as your new favorite coaster. The Voyage is running great.
Re: Midwest coaster trip. Part #1 Holiday World by drachen drachen Profile at 6/27/12 11:15:34 AM
I have to say, reading your trip reports made me a bit jealous. You've been to some parks that I have yet to make it to. I'd love to do a midwest swing like that.

I've been to Worlds of Fun and Six Flags St. Louis, but not since they've built their most recent wooden masterpieces. I need to make it back to Missouri.

I'm glad to see you liked the Legend this year. Having been to Holiday World last season, I thought Legend was just a hair better than the Voyage, but both are incredible rides. Like you, I'll take the back seat of the Voyage any day over the front.

Congrats on making such a fun trip. I enjoyed each one of the write-ups.

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Re: Midwest coaster trip. Part #1 Holiday World by frontrow frontrow Profile at 6/27/12 6:04:33 PM
Thanks drachen. I appreciate it.