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Deeper Dorney Discounts

beastmaster beastmaster Profile

6/19/12 at
7:29:06 AM

Yep, that's right..looking for DDD's!

My friend Ellen... who's not much for coasters or parks much in general...has expressed an interest in going to Dorney with me solely to enjoy Wildwater Kingdom...something I've been wanting to do. It would be a summer Saturday or Sunday in the next month or so. For a summer weekend, the coupon I found at Dunkin' yesterday morning offers only a $6 discount. Anything better out there that anyone knows of?

The on-line ticket, I believe is $39.99 ($9 off gate), but I imagine the Print-n-Go fee will offset that discount, vis-a-vis the $6 discount coupon.

*EDIT*..with the on-line processing fee, the $39.99 becomes $44.99. With a gate price of $48.99, the $6 coupon. knocks it to 42.99. Not a huge difference, but a differemce nonetheless. A buck's a buck, as they say.


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Re: Deeper Dorney Discounts by GoYanks34 GoYanks34 Profile at 6/19/12 10:50:35 PM

You know they work - you used one to get into Hershey! Although I still think $32.99 is too much for Dorney - hell $5 is too much! LOL!


p.s. do you have any idea how painful it was for me to search for these for you?! :-P