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Your Canada's Wonderland 5 Year Plan


5/31/12 at
8:27:23 PM

What would be your Wonderland 5 Year Plan??

I thought it would be fun to ask, if you made the decisions at Canada’s Wonderland, what would be your 5 year plan? You don’t have to choose what you THINK they will do, so be creative, but be realistic at the same time. Five roller Coasters isn’t happening.
So for my plan:

Splash Battle
I know Cedar Fair wants to attract more families, and this looks like a good, fun, quality attraction that will bring in the family crowd.

Mondial Shake and Surf Attraction
Wonderland is definitely known for its collection of flat rides, and I think this rare find would be a nice addition.
The surf attraction would add a new element to the waterpark, which hasn’t seen an investment in a few years.

Impulse Coaster
I would love to see it go through Wonder Mountain and exit like it’s lava spewing out of a volcano. Not sure Wonder Mountain is big enough though. This would actually be one of Wonderland’s star coasters given its coaster lineup.

Kids Attractions + New Shows + General Improvements
Darien Lake is going in this direction for 2012, and I think every park needs to spend some money on some TLC whether it be new menu items/restaurants or new high quality shows

Waterpark Expansion
A couple of new waterslides, including a watercoaster will complement the current water attractions

Hope to hear your ideas